Imlie 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 22nd August 2022 Malini enters Pragati maidan disguised as a security guard. She thinks she will take Anu from there and walk away immediately and searches for Anu. Aryan searches for his family.

Malini notices him and thinks she needs to be careful. Aryan walks towards her but stops at a man to make a call from a man’s phone. Malini notices Anu and walks towards her but bumps on Imlie. She nervously rushes away to Anu. Anu yells that all poor people are attacking her today.

Malini reveals her identity and reveals her that there is bomb inn this place. Imlie hears that and follows them, but finds them lost. She thinks she cannot let so many people suffer because of one criminal’s act. She takes metal detector from a guard and searches for a bomb.

Aryan continues to search for his family. Arpita notices Anu missing. Minister hoists national flag. Imlie’s metal detector starts beeping when she walks near a mic Aryan is holding. Cheeni takes mic from him for singing, runs towards the stage, and sings a song with Jaggu.

Aryan notices metal detector in Imlie’s hand and asks if she seriously brought this. Imlie reveals there is a bomb in Cheeni’s mic. Malini hurriedly rushes Anu towards the gate, but guards stop them. Aryan and Imlie run on stage, snatch mic, and throw it in air. Bomb blasts in air. Imlie slips. Aryan holds her. Imlie notices national flag falling down, runs and holds it. People start running seeing bomb blast.

Imlie starts chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai. People stop. Imlie gives a speech that their nation was attacked again, but they failed criminal’s plan and proved that they all are patriots who love their country, etc.

Everyone chant Bharat mata ki jai with her. Aryan fixes the national flag back. Cheeni shouts girl power and hugs Imlie. Minister praises Imlie. Imlie says she is Imlie from Pagdandiya, a journalist from Bhaskar Times. Minister says she is a brave journalist and should be in army.

Imlie says each soldier at the border is like a torch who protects their country, she can’t be compared to superheroes and is just a common citizen who performed her duty with her boss babu Aryan. Everyone clap for them. Minister orders officers to catch the culprit.

Malini fumes hearing people praising Imlie. Anu informs that her one earring is missing. Imlie finds earring and thinks this earring surely belongs the woman who spoke about bomb, she will catch that woman and get her punished.


Imlie 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Cheeni asks Malini why she is holding only 1 earring and where is the second one. Imlie gives another earring to police officer.


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