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Imlie 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 23rd August 2022 Imlie finds Malini’s earring and thinks it is surely belongs a woman who spoke about a bomb is involved in the crime. Anu notices Malini’s one earring missing and asks what if police finds her earring.

Malini says she will throw the other earring also. Rathores notice them and ask Anu what is she doing here. Anu says she called Malini after hearing about the bomb and came out before people start panicking. Arpita tongue lashes them for not bothering about the Rathore family and its children and walking out selfishly to save their lives.

Sundar backs her and says few people are senseless and too selfish. Malini gets angry and her earring falls from her hand while trying to confront them. Cheeni asks why was she holding her earring in her hand.

Imlie gives earring to police inspector and informs that it must be of a woman who planted bomb at the venue. Cheeni rudely calls Malini as Khali Mali and asks where is her second earring. Malini gets nervous. Arpita supports Cheeni’s misbehavior and asks Malini to find an answer for junior reporter Cheeni.

Guard walks to Aryan and informs that Imlie got an evidence which can help them catch the bomber. Aryan asks Sundar to take family home as he will come with Imlie. Malini panics thinking she will be caught and leaves from there.

Aryan meets inspector who thanks him and Imlie for their bravery and comments that he is surrpsie to see Bhaskar Times team here as usually they reach only where film hero and heroine are. Imlie says Bhaskar Times reaches wherever truth is. Inspector thanks Imlie again for her brave act and leaves.

Aryan thanks Imlie for saving his family. Imlie thanks him for saving Cheeni and thinks how will he react when he finds out that Cheen is his little miss and her Gudiya. She recalls their last fight after losing their baby. Aryan says Cheeni is also his dear Miss Sugar. Imlie says even Bhaskar Times is his dear one. Aryan says she is there to take care of it. Imlie says she can’t be there forever. Aryan agrees to attend office.

Anu gets a nightmare of grinding atta on a chakki in jail and Imlie as an inspector visiting her and ordering her to work fast, calling her a poor servant. Anu gets angry and asks her to get her out of jail.

Imlie says she will after 20-30 years and calls her poor servant repeatly. Anu murmurs in sleep she is not a servant. Malini wakes her up. Anu describes her nightmare. Malini asks her not to worry as she will get a new earning via goldsmith. She gets Aryan’s call who asks her to get ready as Imlie got a proof.

Malini and Anu get tensed hearing that. Aryan says Bhaskar Times team has to find out the culprit with the evidence Imlie got, so she should get ready and reach the office as she knows employees well. Malini relaxes and says since she knows employees well, let her handle it by herself instead of Aryan coming there. Aryan warns her not to teach him what to do. Anu asks Malini no to go. Malini says she can’t hide and has to go to hide the evidence.

Aryan and Imlie reach office. Malini surpasses them and addresses employees. Employees discussed that there must be something serious as Aryan returned office after many years. Imlie stops Malini from addressing the staff and says let the boss speak. Aryan introduces himself as Bhaskar Times’ CEO and single owner of Rathore Group Of Industries.

He says someone attacked their country’s dignity by trying to harm the national flag, Imlie has evidence against the bomber and they all as a team should show their patriotism by catching the culprit. Tema supports him. Imlie’s senior praises Imlie for encouraging Aryan to visit office. Imlie says Aryan is a tiger who has returned to his work pemernantly.

Malini thinks Imlie can ruin her 5 years of hard work; if Aryan returns, he will find out her financial scams and she will go to jail for both bomb conspiracy and fraud. She slips on a table and her earring falls down.

Imlie picks it and asks if she is the one put innocent people and Cheen in danger by planting a bomb. Aryan asks what does she mean. Imlie shows her found earring pic and matches it with Malini’s and says it proves Malini is the culprit. Inspector reaches there and asks Imlie if she found any more evidence. Imlie says Malini is the culprit as she has its pair.


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