Imlie 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 25th July 2022 Imlie interviews Binni who praises Imlie for saving her from forceful marriage and ending the custom of forceful marriage from Pagdandiya.

She says a city news paper printed a wrong news against her that she trapped a city boy, but the truth is he mentally harrassed her and demanded to have a physical relationship with him. News channel viewers criticize Bhaskar Times’ wrong reporting. Malini’s employee tells his colleague that he warned madam not to file a wrong report,

but she didn’t listen to him. Malini overhears him and thinks let the villagers do whatever they want to. Mob protest outside Bhaskar Times office. Malini calls Aryan for help. Aryan reaches office and seeing the mob protest scolds Malini for printing the wrong news. Malini says village girl is lying using emotional drama.

Aryan orders his assistant to call the news channel’s editor. He watches Binni repeating Imlie’s emotional words and recalls Imlie. Malini says the girl is emotionally manipulating everyone against their news channel.

Assistant connects Aryan to news channel editor. Aryan threatens him that he provoke a sleeping tiger who knows only to attack and asks if he thinks he can ruin his news paper’s reputation with a wrong manipulative video. Editor gets afraid. Imlie walks to editor and asks who is frightening him.

Editor says city news paper’s boss. Imlie takes receiver to speak to the boss/Aryan when Cheeni snatches phone from her and jokes on Aryan and misbehaves with him, irritating him. Imlie and editor enjoy her talk. Editor praises Imlie for upbringing Cheeni so brave. Imlie recalls Aryan fighting with her and breaking up with her.

Aryan asks employees who wrote that report. Malini recalls forcing employee to print that report and says its not employee’s mistake as village girl manipulated everyone with a fake story. She promotes employee instead and praises him to keep up the good work. Imlie pampers Cheeni for misbehaving with news paper boss and asks her to return to school. Cheeni drops news paper andasks what what is it.

Editor says its a rival news paper which is a big publishing house and its boss is very angry as he must have incurred huge losses. Cheeni reads news paper name as The Bhaskar Times. Imlie is shocked hearing Bhaskar Times and says it cannot incur losses. Cheeni says arrogant boss cannot win over girl power.

Bhaskar Times board members criticize Aryan for the stock prices plummeting and company bearing huge losses. Aryan pays their money, breaks their partnership, and asks them to get out. Malini blames village girl for the problems and says villagers should be taught a lesson. She notices Aryan already left. She asks employee to find out in wich police station the city boy is.

Imlie drops Cheeni to school lost in thoughts. Cheeni cheers her up. Editor calls her and informs that someone bailed out city boy and asks her to inform Binni to be careful. Imlie says until that monster Girish is out, no girl in Pagdandiya is safe. Girish kidnaps Cheeni, calls Malini, and thanks her for helping him. She says she wanted something in return. He says he kidnapped that cultureless journalist’s daughter who covered this news. Malini recalls her daughter and asks Girish to leave from them and not get caught.


Imlie 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan reaches Pagdandiya.


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