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Imlie 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 26th April 2022 Narmada notices cooking setup and asks Aryan what is all this. Aryan says it’s Imlie’s style, she wants to know if Uday is right for Arpita or not. Nila yells that they should make a sin of asking their would-be son-in-law to cook. Narmada says Imlie must have thought something good for sure.

Gudiya says this plan will fail for sure as husbands cannot passs such tests. Imlie asks if she would be someone’s wife some day. Gudiya says of course, looking at Aryan. Imlie asks her to imagine that she is married and enjoying life with good makeup and designer clothes when suddenly her husband asks her to prepare food for her in a kitchen without AC,

her makeup will wash away in sweat, nails will break down, clothes will spoil. Gudiya gets scared hearing that. Imlie says this test is to save her from all the agony.

Uday enters holding a flower bouquet over his face and asks who planned his cooking test. Aryan says his wife Imlie. Uday removes the bouquet from his face and gets tensed looking at Imlie. Imlie gets angry seeing him and confronts him for misbehaving with an old lady when she touched his car.

Uday lies that the lady was stealing his purse and he cannot tolerate lies and robbery. Aryan tells Imlie that she should have informed him about it earlier, they can’t doubt Uday based on incidence. Nila asks Imlie to test her husband like she wants to test Uday and thinks Aryan will get irritated with all this and there will be a rift between Imlie and Aryan’s relationship.

Aryan accepts Nila’s challenge and gets ready to cook for Imlie while Uday gets ready to cook for Arpita. Imlie says let us see if Uday can win Arpita’s heart with his cooking. Nila says let her see if Aryan can shut Imlie’s endlessly blabbering mouth with his dishes.

Imlie says she and Arpita will describe their choices, Aryan and Uday should cook their favorite dishes based on it. Narmada praises Imlie’s idea and says she never thought that she would see her children like this.

Nila asks her to start cooking now. Imlie calls Sundar and says Arpita is upset and so he should listen to her choice of food and prepare it for her. He agrees. She keeps phone near Arpita and thinks even Sundar should get a fair chance and Aryan should get a chance to prove his love for his sister.

Arpita tells Uday that she loves malai kofta and will instruct him how to prepare it. Aryan asks Imlie what he should prepare. She says her special roti. He says it’s easy. She says dhaba cook couldn’t make it, its not that easy. Uday speaks rudely to Arpita. Narmada notices it. Imlie teaches Aryan to knead a dough.

Main Tera Banjawoonga.. song plays in the background. He prepares a dough. She says that’s enough. He says he need to knead more to release gluten from the flour. She says that is enough. He prepares roti for her while she looks at her. He finishes cooking and describes his dish in a 5-star chef style. Narmada and Arpita look confused. He plainly say sits fat roti with pickle and onion. Imlie says he could explain that in simple terms.

Aryan then asks Imlie to taste his dish. She eats it and starts crying. He gets worried and says he will make another one. She holds his hand with her tears falling on it and says its exactly like her amma’s roti. He asks why don’t she speak to her mama if she misses her so much. She denies.

He thinks if something happened between them that she doesn’t want to speak to her mother, is it because of him. Imlie then asks Arpita to taste Uday’s prepared malai kofta and give her verdict. Uday rudely says he prepared best malai kofta, Arpita will like it for sure. Narmada tastes it and says its very spicy. Aryan offers her water. She says Arpita doesn’t like spicy food and asks Arpita not to taste it, says Uday tried well.

Gudiya tells Nila that she knew this cooking plan will fail. Nila says she will see how Imlie will win. She picks Imlie’s phone and says hello. Sundar speaks and says he prepared malai kofta for Arptia and will bring it there.

Imlie tells Uday that he failed in his cooking test, so he is not suitable for Imlie. Aryan says they can’t judge Uday with just cooking. She says this test was not just about cooking. Nila yells at her. Imlie says its a challenge to check the compatibility between 2 people and see if they help each other in their thicks and thinks and maintain their calm,

sorry to say Uday didn’t even seek Arpita’s suggestion while cooking and even if he prepared world’s best malai kofta, he failed. Narmada says Imlie is right, she couldn’t find compatibility between Uday and Arpita, but found the best compatibility between Aryan and Imlie and hence they are the best jodi.


Imlie 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nila alleges Imlie that she doesn’t want to get Arpita married in a good house and is forcing Arpita to marry servant Sundar.Narmada and Aryan stand shocked hearing that.


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