Imlie 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 27th April 2022 Narmada tells Uday that she cannot notice the compatibility between him and Arpita which Imlie is talking about. She praises Imlie and Aryan’s compatibility. Nila yells that Imlie doesn’t want Uday and Arpita’s jodi and is conspiring to get Arpita hitched to a servant Sundar. Narmada asks what does she mean.

Nila shows Imlie’s phone call made to Sundar and says just like basi/stale roti’s daughter Imlie trapped Aryan, she is teaching her servant friend Sundar to trap Arpita. Uday angrily says he cannot tolerate his insult anymore and walks away. Nila walks behind him to stop him. Imlie tells Narmada and Arpita that she thinks good for them and says its okay if they don’t accept Sundar, they shouldn’t accept a wrong man either.

Nila stops Uday. Uday says he can’t tolerate cheap Imlie insulting him. Nila says Imlie wants to set herself up in Rathore house, but she will handle Imlie in her own style. Sundar enters with a tiffin box for Arpita. Nila orders Uday to humiliate and send Sundar away. Uday obeys her. Imlie reminds Narmada how Uday behaved rudely with Arpita and asks her not to take a wrong decision in a hurry.

Nila yells if Uday doesn’t care for Arpita, why would he prepare malai kofta for her again. Uday returns with Sundar’s tiffin box and apologizes Imlie for his mistake, says he remembers Arpita’s each work and hence prepared malai kofta for her. He serves it to Arpita and requests her to taste it once. Arpita tastes it and says it’s exactly like she likes.

Imlie doubts Uday and checks tiffin box to find it’s Rupali’s. She tries to inform Aryan, but Nila stops her and agrees that Sundar brought this tiffin. She challenges her that Aryan wouldn’t accept Sundar for Arpita, so she should stop trying. Imle says if she has brought Uday here, he is definitely not a good man.

Nila challenges her that Aryan doesn’t value her opinion and asks her to serve her prepared food to Aryan and see herself. Uday tells Arpita that he is not perfect but wants to get engaged to her. Gudiya insists Arpita to agree. Arpita agrees. Narmada feels happy and asks Aryan to make arrangements for Arpita and Uday’s engagement tomorrow. Imlie thinks she will not let this engagement happen.

Next day, Aryan gets ready for engagement. Imlie walks to him ready and says she wants to talk to him. He stands mesmerized with her beauty and murmurs she looks pretty but speaks nonsense. She asks if he called her pretty. He nervously says she overheard it and asks her to complete her words.

Imlie asks him not to let this alliance happen as Uday doesn’t seem to be a right person. Aryan says Uday returned and proved that he is perfect for Arpita, Arpita would have informed him if she does like Uday. She says MBAKM/master of buddhupan in aurat ka man, meaning he cannot understand women’s mind properly and says women don’t reveal what in their mind completely, even Arpita agreed for engagement for his and Narmada’s sake.

Aryan says Arpita is not helpless but a strong woman and warns her to stop acting as a typical bahu and interfering in his family issues. Imlie feels disheartened and thinks Aryan doesn’t consider as his family member and confronts Seeta maiya that she took away her true friend and doesn’t want her to have a family. She then determines to stop Aryan from performing Arpita’s engagement.

Arpita cries in front of Arvind’s photo. Nila with Gudiya walks to her and asks her to think about her new life and not her past. Gudiya say she will get her ready for engagement and doesn’t find glittery eyeshadow in makeup kit.

Imlie starts her drama and says Gudiya would fall unconscious if she hears this news and says photogram is shutting down, now Gudiya cannot post her selfies in social media. Gudiya gets worried. Imlie asks her to go and pray Seeta maiya for photogram’s long life. Gudiya with Nila leaves. Imlie asks Arpita to rethink about her decision. Arpita denies and walks away. Imlie stands sadly/ and looks at Aryan.

Narmada welcomes guests for Arpita’s engagement and thanks Narmada for finding an alliance for Arpita. Arpita walks to them ready for engagement. Uday walks in next and takes Nila and Narmada’s blessings and praises Arpita’s beauty. Imlie plans to expose Uday and requests servant to drop sauce on Uday.

Servant does same and apologizes Uday. Uday pulls his tie, cleans it, and calmly walks away to clean himself. Imlie thinks she needs to do something else to expose him. Aryan thinks he knows what Imlie is up to.


Imlie 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan holds Imlie’s hand and says he knows she is planning something and asks why she is trying to prove that Sundar is good for Arpita and asks if she can’t tolerate Arpita’s happiness. Imlie says she will leave his house as he doesn’t consider her as part of his family.


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