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Imlie 27th July 2022 Cheeni sees Girish in a black monkey cap and calls him a coward monkey boy. She continues to humiliate him. He warns her to shut up or else he will slap her. She says one who shouts is a coward,

she is different and has a direct connection with Seeta Maiya who will inform Imlie and Imlie will rescue her from coward monkey boy. Giriksh ignores her. Cheeni prays that she cannot act brave for long and hopes Imlie rescues her soon. Malini gets Girish’s call and hopes he has reached Delhi with journalist’s daughter.

She thinks she has to blackmail journalist to apologize publicly and gets angry learning that Girish couldn’t get out of Pagdandiya yet. She says if Aryan meets Imlie, he will fall for her again. She decides to visit Pagdandiya and bring Aryan back before Aryan meets Imlie.

Cheeni plans to threaten Girish with a knife and escape from there. Girish snatches the knife and warns her to silently sit aside. Cheeni pinches him. He angrily tries to hit her when Aryan enters.

Girish attacks him with a bottle. Aryan bears it on his hand. Girish punches him. Aryan notices Cheeni hiding under a stable and realizes that Girish kidnapped her. He trashes Girish and rescues Cheeni. At Rathore House, Narmarda worries for Aryan while having lunch and hopes he had something.

Sundar says he left for Pagdandiya without having food. Arpita hopes Aryan meets Imlie in Pagdandiya. Preeta says why would he meet Imlie when he didn’t try to meet her for 5 years, there are more beautiful and single girls around him, referring to herself.

Malini enters and says she is right, Aryan should leave his pain behind and should move on with a new life partner. Neela says she felt good seeing Malini. Arpita says Malini is habituated to walk in uninvited. Malini says she likes to take care of her dear ones and business partners and their family well,

she came here thinking they must be disturbed with the Pagdandiya issue. Narmada invites her to have lunch with them. Malini agrees and silently mixes something in a dish. Juggu drops his ball by mistake eon the dish and breaks the bowl. Malini gets angry on Jaggu.

Aryan beats Girish and tries to see his face when Girish pushes him and runs away. Aryan asks Cheen if she is fine. Cheeni asks Aryan to stop his dialogues and catch the kidnapper. Imlie bumps on Girish and not finding Cheeni with him rushes out concerned for her and doesn’t find her in a lodge room.

Arpita warns Malini that she cannot be rude to her son. Malini plays emotional card and says she was worried that the child would get hurt with broken glass, she is also a mother. She apologizes Jaggu nd asks him to be careful. Sundar cheers up Jaggu and sends him away. Malini thinks she lost the poison she brought and should create some emergency and make Aryan return immediately.

Girish calls Malini and informs her that a man rescued journalist’s daughter. Malini thinks he must be Aryan and asks if Girish revealed her name. He says no. She warns him to hide from Aryan or else Aryan will kill him. She thinks nothing is going well and hopes Aryan and Imlie don’t meet.

Cheeni tells Aryan that hero’s duty is to catch the kidnapper. Aryan says he is not a hero. Cheeni says he fought with a kidnapper and rescued her, so he is a hero. Aryan says he is her friend. Cheeni says they are not friends. Aryan recalls Imlie saying same words. Cheeni says they just met and asks if Seeta maiya sent him.

Aryan recalls Imlie praying Seeta maiya and asks who taught her this. Cheeni asks why shall she inform him everything about her first, he should introduce himself first. Aryan introduces himself and remembers Malini’s daughter Gudiya.

Police enters. Aryan says some boy was trying to kidnap this girl. Inspector thanks him for help and says this girl’s mother is madly searching for her. Aryan asks Cheeni to take care of herself and waves her good bye. Police takes Cheeni to Imlie. Imlie pampers her emotionally and asks if she is fine. She thanks inspector rescuing Cheeni.

Cheeni says she should thank a hero who saved her from a monkey cap man. Imlie asks who is hero. Cheeni describes how hero fought with the kidnapper and saved her. Imlie asks his name. Cheeni says he had a long confusing time. Imlie says she wants to thank her hero for rescuing her. Cheeni takes her to meet Aryan.


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