Imlie 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 28th April 2022 Aryan thinks he knows Imlie is planning something, but he will make sure there won’t be any problem in Arpita’s engagement because of it. He announces a dance performance and requests guests to come on dance floor. Imlie tries to leave. He holds her hand and walks looking at her. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste..

song plays in the backgroud. He dances with her. She says whatever she is doing is for Arpita’s betterment. Aryan says then she should realize this is good for Arpita; she can see goodness in Sundar and badness in Uday, but should let Arpita be happy. She pulls him towards her and dancing again asks if he thinks she is happy. He says she is not as he knows how she looks when she is happy,

she feels happy with a small success in job, cooking, and joking on him. She asks if he remembers it. He says he can’t forget her smile and describes how he feels. She says when he can remember how she looks when she is happy, he must be remembering how Aprita looks when she is happy, she cannot see Arpita sad and will go from there, anyways she is not part of his family.

Aryan thinks he is talking about Arpita’s future and Imlie wants to judge Arpita looking at her face, he knows Arpita is happy. He looks at Arpita dancing with Uday. Arpita smiles at him. Everyone claps after performance. Nila says they should finish the engagement ceremony first and praises Arpita and Uday’s jodi.

She then asks about Imlie and asks if she is too busy to skip the function. Narmada says they should start engagement ceremony. Arpita sits beside Aryan and picks wedding ring with a trembling hand. Nila tells Gudiya that once Arpita leaves,

Imlie’s half strength will be gone and soo she will be expelled out of Aryan’s life. Gudiya says then Aryan and his money will be hers. Nila asks Uday to exchange the rings. Uday opens the ring box and finds the ring missing. Narmada and others search for the ring. Aryan thinks he knows where the ring is.

Imlie looks at the ring and engagement will not happen without the ring. She gets a call. Aryan over phone orders the jeweler to deliver ring within 15 minutes and thinks Imlie cannot win over him. Imlie reaches bus stop and finds Sundar leaving Delhi. Sundar says he wants to explore new city and will go to Indore.

Imlie asks if he will give up his love for Arpita. Sundar says Arpita must have got engaged by now. Imlie shows him engagement ring. Sundar says she cannot change the truth. Imlie asks when she can do it, why can’t he; he should realize that love is not a weakness which will make him lose, its a strength which will make him touch the sky, etc.

Aryan gets a new ring and asks Narmada to give it to Uday. Arpita tries to put ring in Uday’s finger with a trembling hand and the ring falls down. Sundar tells Imlie that he is unfit for Arpita, so its better he walks out of her life.

Imlie gets engagement photo. Sundar notices an old couple begging and gives money to the lady. Imlie recalls Uday misbehaving with the same lady and walks to her. Lady reveals that that the man who insulted her is her son.

Aryan asks Arpita if she is fine. She nods yes. He picks ring asks Arpita to put it in Uday’s finger. Power goes off. Imlie enters with Uday’s parents and reveals they are Uday’s parents. Narmada asks Uday if they are his parents. Uday says they are leeches who sucked his blood and wasted his money. Parents say he took away all their wealth and business and ransacked them.

Imlie confronts Uday for ransacking his parents and says he should be thankful to them. Uday says he didn’t ask to give birth to him and it was their duty to bring him up, Imlie can take care of them if she wants to. Imlie warns him to dare not talk ill about his parents and shouts at him. Uday angrily calls her worm of a dirty drain and tries to slap her. Aryan holds his hand and slaps him back, leaving everyone shocked.


Imlie 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie tells Nila that they should have kicked Uday out of their house. Nila calls Imlie as Meethi’s sin. Aryan warns her to dare not speak ill against amma as Amma is also his mother now.


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