Imlie 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 28th September 2022 Episode starts with Harsh and Neil bringing Anand home. Abhi asks what happened, who did this. They make Anand have water. Harsh tells everything. They all are shocked. Harsh says but its true that he was drunk. Abhi asks how can he do this. Mahima asks why didn’t you save him.

Harsh says I saved him, I m telling the facts. They argue. Abhi says you are my Guru, everyone look up to you, you inspire us. He cries and says I can’t see you failing like this, where are the basics, you went for surgery after drinking alcohol, why. Mahima says don’t make it an issue, it happened because of Goenkas.

Abhi says we gave them a reason to do this, this is wrong. The phone falls down. They all see the video. They are shocked. She asks Parth to see what is happening with his dad because of Goenkas. She asks Abhi to see, its happening because of Goenkas, Anand has tolerated this in front of the staff, he will have succeed even in drunken state.

Abhi says I m not saying that its not possible, but its not right. She asks him to look at him, he is so stressed, what’s the big deal, this happened because of Akshara and Akhilesh, this hit is on us and our respect.

Neil says stop seeing the video, I got the situation in control. Abhi says we can’t justify our mistakes. Parth shouts enough Abhi, you can’t see Anand’s pain, you shouldn’t question him, all this happened because of Goenkas, whatever happened with Akshu, they have given us this answer.

Abhi says they didn’t do this intentionally. Parth says you have fought them yesterday and now when its about Anand, you are acting great. Abhi says its not connected with yesterday’s matter. Parth says you stop teaching us. Dadi asks Akhilesh to stop it. Akshu says our wounds won’t heal when we give then wounds, it wasn’t right to create a drama. Dadi and everyone explain Akhilesh.

Aarohi comes. Akhilesh says you always understand everyone’s emotions and situation, being more sensible is a weakness, Abhi threw you and your emotions out. Suwarna says there won’t be difference between them and us. Akshu says we can’t waste more time on this. He says I have done right, I will do this again if I get a chance.

They worry. He says I have to save Kairav and Manish, I m with everyone. Dadi asks Akshu to listen to her heart when there is much noise around. She goes. Akshu gets thinking.

She calls someone and says I m sorry, this happened wrong, this won’t happen again, I don’t want to talk to him. Neil is on call with her. She hears Anand. She says I just called to say sorry, tell everyone. Parth asks Mahima to take Anand. Anand says no, click my pic and frame it, so that I remember this gift given by Goenkas. Neil says I m sorry, whatever happened was wrong,

it won’t happen again, Akshu asked me to say this to you. Mahima asks did she call, she wants to act great. Parth asks them to come. Abhi goes. Harsh asks Neil to go with Abhi, take care of him. Akshu is on the way.

She says I m trying to get the proof of Kairav’s innocence. She sees a car and says Abhi… She goes and checks the car. She says Abhi’s phone and headphones are here, it means he was here, where did he go. She turns and sees him. Hum kahan…plays….She gets hurt.

Abhi tries to help. She doesn’t say anything and goes. Neil looks on and says they both are stubborn, they won’t talk to each other. Abhi and Akshu go either ways. Neil says don’t go so far that you get separated. Akshu meets Manish. She hugs him. He says you know what dream I saw yesterday.

They have an emotional talk. She cries. He asks what’s going on in your heart. She says I don’t understand, I feel time is passing, then I feel everything has stopped, my heart is running away, I don’t know where. Manish says we have to find the right thing in any time it is, we have to be careful else we lose everything, just listen to the time, you walk and stop as per the time,

you have to get this in sync, we often makes mistakes, we want to take everyone along, we don’t listen to anyone, let it be, what’s yours will come back, the one who doesn’t come back wasn’t ours, you always think of others, forget it, just listen to yourself, just decide as you find right, that decision will be yours, you will have peace. She says thanks, I can’t promise, but I will try, your bail hearing is after 2 days, I hope its your last day here. He hugs her.


Imlie 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi and Akshu see each other. She signs the divorce papers. She says a new start happens after everything ends, I will get back everything that I lost, my identity, dreams and my voice.


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