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Imlie 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 29th April 2021 Dev, Daadi, and whole Tripathi family cry seeing Malini’s condition. Malini opens eyes. Aparna says she didn’t do right, she was their brave daughter, what if something had happened to them. Pankaj says thank god that she is saved. Doctor enters and says they should also thank Imlie as she donated blood on time. Tauji asks Malini what if Imlie had not donated blood, what would have her papa answered her mom. Malini apologizes everyone and cries vigorously. Doctor says patient needs rest and they all should go out. Pankaj takes Dev away followed by others. Adi walks to Malini, and she turns her face. He says she is a college professor and students’ mentor, what example she is setting for them by doing all this, she told she will meet him tomorrow. She says he makes her wait always, so she thought of making him wait this time.

He asks if she wants to make him wait whole life, he wouldn’t have been alive if something had happened to her. Malini says this is not true, he can be happy even without her. She asks what he wanted to tell her tomorrow, he should inform it now. He says he should have spoken to her long ago and delayed it. She asks not to delay more and reveal it. He hesitantly says a few months ago, when he; then stops and thinks Malini cannot hear the truth which she doesn’t want to hear. She insists him to speak. He asks her to relax. Doctor rushes in and asks him to go out as patient’s condition is worsening. Malini continues pleading Adi. Adi asks her to relax as they will speak later and tries to leave. She asks him to send Imlie after some time as everyone came to meet her except her. He says its his mistake and she shouldn’t blame Imlie. She asks him to send Imlie as she wants to meet her. He leaves. She cries vigorously.

Adi walks out and thinks he couldn’t speak even today, don’t know till when this will continue. He sees Imlie sitting silently without having juice and biscuit after donating blood and asks her to have juice. She asks if Malini is awake now. He says yes. She says she wants to meet Malini right now. He asks her to have something first and rest as she is weak. She says she is fine. He forcefully makes her drink juice. She asks how is she now. He says Malini is fine but weak, thanks her for saving her life. She says Malini tried to sacrifice her life because of her. He says its because of him and asks not to blame herself. She says truth is this is not her place and wants to return to her village. He says that will not change anything, so better he reveals truth to everyone.

Imlie walks to Malini’s room and applies kajal on her neck. Malini opens eyes. Imlie says she applied black dot to ward off nazar/evil eyes. Malini says already she got nazar on her. Imlie asks why did she do this. She says sometimes there is no justification for their acts. Imlie asks when she considers her as her younger sister, why did she try to commit suicide because of her. Malini says when there are unsolved questions in mind, there cannot differentiate between right and wrong, she just wants someone to answer her questions and show her difference between truth and false. Imlie says she will return to her village. Malini reminisces earlier drama and says truth will not be out if she goes, so can she answer her questions. Imlie gets silent. Malini thinks even Imlie is silent like Adi. She says she wants to tell her something important.

Imlie asks her to get well first and asks once she gets well, will she come to her house or go to her house. Malini asks her house? Imlie says its Malini’s house itself, she is just asking. Malini asks if things will change if she comes. Imlie says everyone will be happy if she comes there. Malini asks everyone? Imlie asks to get well soon and return home as she needs to get back to her studies. Malini asks if they both can stay together in that house, nobody will be happy if Imlie goes, especially Adi; now Imlie is bonded to family, her, Aditya; just like Imlie gave her new life by donating blood, Adi gave her new life by bringing her here from Pagdandiya; so she shouldn’t ruin what she got from Aditya as everyone are not that lucky. Imlie thanks her and says her Seeta Maiya is enough for her and she doesn’t need anyone else. Malini what will happen with her wish, someone gets everything without asking and some don’t get even their right when asked. Imlie asks her to stop thinking much, get well soon and return home. Malini thinks house is because of husband, but when husband is not her, what will she do coming to his house; she wants to hear truth from Aditya.


Imlie 30th April 2021 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini tells Adi that she is feeling guilty for what she did. He asks not to say that. She says there was someone else in her life before him, they were studying in college together and she used to like him.


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