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Imlie 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 29th May 2021 Malini questions Mithi about Imlie’s father. Mithi asks why you are asking, if it is needed for her college paper. Malini says yes. Mithi says Imlie’s father name is. Just then Dulari comes there and scolds Mithi asking her to go and fetch the water. Mithi tells Malini that she will keep her stuff safely. Malini offers help. Mithi says you are a guest and I can’t take your help. Rupali comes to Imlie and praises her looks. She asks if she practiced well and asks her to come on stage in 10 mins. Imlie thinks she has practiced well, but doesn’t want to upset chote kaki. Aparna comes there and says she is giving her ghungroo to her today so that she tries to become suitable for it. She says today you have to respect my art too, I hope you will do. Imlie touches her feet. Aparna goes. Harish and Nishant come there. Harish asks Imlie to go to the stage. Nishant says all the best. Imlie keeps her ghungroo before the Goddess’s idol. Harish addresses the guests and tells that the performers couldn’t come today and that’s why Imlie will perform today. Imlie prays to the Goddess to help her give the best performance. Harish gives an intro of Imlie. Aditya looks at Imlie as she prays.

He comes to her and she faints and falls down in his arms. Harish goes on praising Imlie and tells that Imlie came second in the state and this charity function is happening due to her. The proceeds of the function will be used for the orphanage kids’ education. Aditya checks her and finds that she is having a high fever. He calls Sundar and asks him to be with her, until he calls the doctor. Harish asks the audience to welcome Imlie. Sundar says I told her to tell everyone. Aditya asks what? Sundar says she was drenched for much time while trying to stop the leakage. Everyone claps for her. Harish asks Imlie to come. Imlie gains consciousness. Aditya says I will inform everyone that she is very sick and can’t perform now. The audiences start losing their patience. Aparna regrets for giving her a big responsibility. Sundar asks Imlie to be there and goes to get water. Imlie thinks of Aparna’s words and thinks she has to keep the family’s respect today. Aparna gets worried. Radha says she made our fun in front of everyone. Imlie comes out and stops Aditya. Aditya says it is not that important. Imlie says I have lost everyone’s love, and can’t get them insulted now in front of outsiders. Aditya asks her to go inside and says I will go and stop the function.

He sees Imlie on the stage. She starts dancing. Hulchul huyi song plays. Aditya smiles seeing her dancing. He imagines himself dancing with her. Everyone claps for her performance. Aditya’s imagination ends hearing people clapping. Imlie faints before the end of her performance and falls down. Everyone looks shocked.

Malini thinks Imlie talks so big that I forget that she is so young. She thinks thank God she has taken admission in the college, as her dreams were left behind. She thinks there shall be no problem in her studies. Mithi comes there and tells that this is Imlie’s stuff and I shall keep it inside, but I want to keep it here. Malini tells that you have to send her so soon. Mithi tells that it is everyone’s dream to get their daughter married, and tells about Imlie’s hesitation for marriage earlier. Malini thinks Imlie has to leave her mother so soon. Mithi invites Malini for the function. Just then Dev call comes on Malini’s phone. Mithi is about to see, but Malini takes the phone and rejects the call. Aditya and others rush to Imlie. They make her drink water. Aparna says Imlie hasn’t practiced well and tells that she shouldn’t have trusted her.

The audience asks if they shall wait and shall they go. Aditya tells that they didn’t care as to why she fell down and says this girl was worried more about your function, society and respect. He says nobody is thinking why a 19-year-old girl fell down on the stage. He shows the video in which Imlie is standing to hold the leakage and tells that she stood for 8 hours holding the leakage, to save the stuff of the function in the godown. Aparna recalls asking Imlie from where she is coming? Imlie says from a walk. Aditya says Imlie has 102 fever, she shouldn’t have performed today, but she performed for the ones whom she thinks as her family. Aparna gets emotional and goes to her.


Imlie 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Malini confronts Mithi and asks her not to hide Imlie’s father from her and says that person doesn’t deserve your sympathy. She asks her to tell Imlie’s father’s name. Mithi is about to say.


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