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Imlie 2nd July 2021 Aditya tells Imlie that if he had informed her truth before, she wouldn’t have the truth this way. He explains that when he went to Pagdandiya last time, he heard her amma, Satyakam, and Dev’s conversation. Imlie says even he hid the truth. He says his amma didn’t want her to know the truth fearing her heart will break. Imlie cries that dreams break, she came to city to create her identity and her identity is a deceit and sin. He asks her not to say that. She says she if feeling ashamed and wants to melt in this rain; Malini is her sister and sisters share toys and not suhag;

till when she has to become someone’s hurdle and fight the battle; she is tired and cannot fight anymore. He asks her not to lose hope as this battle will end soon. She says there is no value for truth in this world; even his newspaper is thrown aside next day; Dev’s lies overpowered her amma’s 20 years of sacrifice, her amma tolerated villagers’ taunts and even Anu’s taunts; theirs is not a relationship but a bond; Malini will think she snatched her husband, then she will suffer her whole life like amma and will bear society’s taunts. Adi shouts nothing of that sort will happen, her amma suffered because her baba didn’t tell truth, he will support her whether the society supports them or not.

Mithi searches Imlie. Satyakam says she must be somewhere around. Mithi says her daughter is suffering because of her, Dev’s wife insulted her; how will she convince Imlie that she is innocent; will her Imlie will suffer like her whole life. Satyakam says Imlie has Adi and she has him, they both will take care of their daughter and if Adi doesn’t accept Imlie, he will fight for his daughter and protect her. Mithi cries that Adi and Imlie will have to bear society’s wrath and prays god not to send any troubles towards them. Dev drags Anu home. Anu continues badmouthing about Mithi. Dev shouts to shut up and says she shouldn’t have told truth to Imlie, now she will hate her. Anu says she thought he is eager to give his name to Imlie, he is worried that she will not accept him as father instead. Their argument continues. Dev thinks he should reveal truth to everyone and face Imlie.

Satyakam tells Mithi that they will protect Imlie. Mithi says Adi’s family may not accept Imlie, she snatched Anu’s suhag and now her daughter has to face same fate. Satyakam consoles her. Mithi reminisces Anu’s words that she is Dev’s mistress and Imlie is their illegitimate child. She packs her bag and walks towards door when Imlie with Adi returns. Adi apologizes Mithi for the insult she had to bear by Anu and says if it wasn’t a wedding environment at home, he wouldn’t have let Anu in at all. Mithi says her daughter had to bend her head because of her and feels ashamed of her. Adi says Imlie is in deep shock and needs time. Satyakam says they all 3 will handle Imlie, but will his family not oppose Adi and Imlie’s relationship. Mithi says they will think Imlie is snatching her sister’s right. Adi says he is just worried for Imlie and no one else and will set everything right. Satyakam says Adi is right, they will not leave Delhi until everything is set right and walks away with Mithi.

Tripathi family search Mithi and Satyakam. Radha asks Sundar to bring them. Rupali says she will bring them, walks to Adi and says she is searching Imlie’s parents. Adi says nothing is right. She says she knows about him and Imlie. He says he knows and thanks for her support. She says she will continue supporting him and asks what happened. He says Imlie found out that Dev is Imlie’s and says Dev betrayed Mithi years ago and left her pregnant, instead of Dev informing her truth Anu inform it, Imlie is feeling very guilty. Rupali says Imlie will feel that she snatched Malini’s right. Adi says he will break down if Imlie leaves her, so she should explain her. She says Imlie has to understand that cowards break relationships and she is not a coward, they both reached here after crossing many hurdles, Imlie cannot accept defeat and Adi has to support her at any cost.


Imlie 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev tells Imlie that he didn’t do justice to his both daughters, but will from hereon and will give his name to her. She says she has a name and will create a name for herself via her hard work.


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