Imlie 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 2nd September 2022 Arpita suggests Aryan to change himself and talk to Imlie. Aryan says he is going to change his dress and asks them to stop suggesting him. Neela taunts Anu that she is indebted to Imlie now for saving Malini’s life.

Malini says Imlie is indebted to her instead and leaves with Anu. Imlie tries to make Cheeni sleep with a lullaby, but Cheeni doesn’t get sleep. She walks out and notices Aryan standing in a corridor.

She hides behind a pillar and watches him. Aryan looks at Imlie’s anklet. Imlie recalls Aryan telling he never remembered her in 5 years. Aryan addresses anklet that her owner changed him before and if he should change again with her reentry in his life, will she stay back if he changes.

Imlie walks to him. Aryan asks what is she thinking. Imlie says there was a time when he used to understand her without speaking. Aryan asks why she is remembering the past. Imlie asks if there is anything new to remember. He says no. She asks why was he going towards her room at this time.

He says he wanted to know if sugar/Cheeni is fine or not, Imlie has made Cheeni fearless just like her. Imlie says someone taught her to face her fear and taught what she couldn’t, she doesn’t have anything left to live expect Cheeni.

Aryan says not only she is alone, the only difference is he wants to live alone and doesn’t need anyone. Imlie says maybe he doesn’t need anyone, but someone needs him.

Aryan asks who needs him. Imlie says his family, his business, and.. Aryan asks and..? Imlie says his future, everyone are waiting for him and he shouldn’t disappoint them. She says she is going to get water for Cheeni and leaves teary eyed.

Imlie thinks she knows he is not a machine and got weak for a second, so she will not put the burden of her dreams on him and force him to remember what happened; she just wants him to be happy always. Aryan silently watches her going.

Next morning, Aryan visits office. Staff is shocked to see him there. Imlie hides behind a a chair and watches him. Aryan orders that he needs all the reports in his cabin in 15 minutes. Employee says its impossible to gather reports in 15 minutes. Aryan says its his mistake that he didn’t visit office for long,

he gives them 1 hour to submit the reports and says there was a time when his time and reputation was valued and now he will change it back to its glory. Imlie hides under Aryan’s table and thinks he didn’t give her time to hide properly, he would like to talk to her once he notices her and he is searching for her.

Aryan thinks Imlie just encouraged him to focus on his work, so he should focus on his work. Imlie thinks same. Aryan takes his seat. Imlie prays god to get her out of Aryan’s cabin somehow.

Malini reaches office and gets irked seeing employees busy at work instead of wishing her. Swapnil says they need to gather reports of 5 years in an hour. Malini asks if he forgot his manners or got a new boss. Aryan walks out and says not new, an old one. Malini asks if he needed any information,

she would have given it to him instead of him coming here. Aryan says he had come as she gives him incomplete information and he wants to know where Bhaskar Times’ money is going as a big amount was drawn. Malini recalls giving a huge sum to goons to shut their mouths. Aryan asks why she looks nervous.

Malini says she is not, he can ask her anything, nothing can go wrong in her presence. Aryan says nothing can go wrong when she is wrong and says he needs records of the past 5 years in conference room.

Imlie feels happy hearing their conversation. Malini thinks Aryan will ruin her 5 years of hard work in 5 minutes and will catch her theft. Imlie thinks Malini cannot hide anything from Aryan and he will expose her wickedness.


Imlie 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Doctor informs Imlie that her daughter’s condition is very critical and needs blood transfusion. Imlie says she is not Imlie’s mother and got her when she was 3 months old, she needed blood transfusion even then. Malini hears her and realizes Cheeni is her daughter, she determines to take revenge and Cheeni back from Imlie.


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