Imlie 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 30th April 2022 Imlie feels guilty recalling how she misbehaved with Meethi when Meethi asked her to marry Aryan. She also recalls Aryan’s words describing the sacrifices of parents for the children. She calls Pagdandiya post offfice and asks postman about Meethi and Satyakam/SK. Postman says SK is proud of her Meethi misses her a lot and praises Aryan too. He asks if she will forget them all. She says never and disconnects call.

Imlie then starts crying r. Aryan walks in and seeing her crying says he knows she is not fine, he doesn’t know her problem and wants to know if he should stay back or go. She hugs him tight and room and asks her what’s wrong.

She cries hugging him tight and says she misunderstood Meethi and misbehaved with her. She further explains the whole incident that happened during her wedding with Aryan.

Aryan gets upset hearing that. Imlie says there is no difference between her and Uday as she did the same Uday did with his parents. She punishes herself by slapping herself repeatedl. . Aryan stops her and says it’s not her fault as he forced her to marry him and Meethi wouldn’t have forced her if he didn’t.

He emotionally says he couldn’t become a good boss or good friend for her, she got married to a person whom she hates the most. She keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him not to say that. Aryan asks if she doesn’t hate him or if she wants to accept their marriage now. Imlie is about to reply when someone breaks their window glass. Aryan checks and asks who is there.

He questions watchman if he saw someone. Watchman denies. Aryan says someone made a joke. Someone watches them hiding. Imlie feels happy after clearing her heart out and starts her nok jhok with Aryan. She talks about Arpita and Narmada’s happiness. He murmurs she is acting as if he doesn’t exist. Imlie blabbers indirectly describing she likes even him.

Next day, Panditji checks Sundarand Arpita’s kundalis/horoscopes and says their jodi matches well. Nila calls Sundar to bring snacks to humiliate him. Sundar and Imlie bring snacks and serve it to Panditji. Nila taunts Sundar servant is Arpita’s fiance and asks if they like the jodi now.

Panditji feels weird and leaves without having snacks. Nila then taunts Narmada and asks her to find a better alliance for her daughter. Aryan says he and Narmada have accepted Sundar and he is the best match for Arpita. He announces the engagement and hires event planners. He then jokes with Arpita and she frowns on him.

Imlie joins them and pulls Sundar’s legs. Sundar informs that he decided to leave Tripathis’ job and join a new job in a hotel or restaurant and do hotel management course while working. Imlie feels happy for him.

Sundar’s mother walks in and starts her drama. She scolds Sundar for wanting to marry a widow. Nila recalls calling her and informing her about Sundar wanting to marry a widow. Imlie senses Nila’s involvement. Mother continues yelling that she will not him marry a widow who killed her first husband and wants to kill Sundar now.

Imlie calls her old lady. Mother asks Sundar who is this girl who is insulting her in front of him. Imlie asks mother to stop calling Arpit a widow and enjoy her son’s marriage. Mother walks away warning she will never accept this marriage. Sundar apologizes to Arpita for his mother’s drama. Arpita says she wil not marry him without his mother’s consent. Sundar requests her to give him some time to convince his mother. Gudiya praises Nila for her evil plan. Nila says she will never accept a servant as her son-in-law.


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