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Imlie 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 30th August 2021 Anu cries looking at Aditya’s pics. Adi walks to her and says he is going for Imlie’s muh dikhayi ritual shopping and wants her to accompany them. Aparna asks if he is reminding her the responsibility of a saas/MIL, does he remember responsibilities of a son. He says he remembers everything, he didn’t expect her to punish him for his mistakes and stop talking to her. She used to think her son will never disobey her. He says he loves Imlie immensely. She asks if he loves Imlie so much that he doesn’t value their love. She says she speaks whatever she likes without thinking what he feels, he misses his mother being in the same house and even she is missing him and looking at his pics, she used to scold him and then love whenever he used to return from assignment, he doesn’t remember when she prepared kheer for him last, she should drop her anger as he is missing her a lot, he is not telling this in the greed of kheer. She says she will try. He asks to prepare kheer or forgive him. She says both. He hugs her and says I love you mom and walks away. She continues crying emotionally.

Imlie gets ready for muh dikhayi ritual. Rupali and Nishant praise her beauty. Ilmile asks if Adi returned. They say he must be on the way and asks her to come out soon as guests are eager to meet him. Imlie wears veil and thinks Malini will not let Adi return home on time before muhurat and prays god to fail her plan. Adi in jewelry shop reminds its already 5 p.m. and they need return home. Malini tries to keep Adi busy trying different jewelries and buying gifts for Aparna and others. He hurriedly buys jewelries and rushes in his bike with Malini as pillion. Satyakam notices them. At home, Dulari greets all the guests for her granddaughter’s muh dikhayi ritual and says she brought a special gift Pagdandiya’s devi maa’s special sindhoor which will keep their husband bonded to them forever and sells sindhoor box for 20 rs. Guests buy sindhoor from her. Aparna feels embarrassed. Anu says these people will not change. Dulari calling her Kalini’s mother asks to buy sindhoor. Anu angrily shouts her daughter’s name is Malini. Dulari asks if she thinks its costly, she will give it for 10 rs. Anu warns her to keep her mouth shut. Dulari asks Harish to buy next. Harish asks what kind of a woman she is to sell sindhoor to guests. Aparna asks how much will she embarrass them more.

Mithi and Rupali bring Imlie with veil on and asks everyone to welcome new bride. Pankaj praises Imlie’s beauty. Dulari asks Imlie about Adi. Imlie says he has gone out. Guest comments that groom is taking more time than bride. Rupali sees Anu smirking and thinks if Malini is purposefully getting Adi late. Guests discuss that Aparna told Imlie is a servant, they are getting late waiting. Dulari says how can they get bored in his granddaughter’s function, she will entertain them. She wearing a funky google dances on Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani.. song and pesters Aparna and Radha. Imlie supporters join her. Harish also dances with them.

Aditya reaches home with Malini and says they reached home 5 minutes before muhurat. Satyakam walks to Adi. Adi says he came at the right time, its Imlie’s muh dikhayi ritual. Malini walks into house saying she will call Imlie out and thinking she will make them miss the muhurat. Imlie asks where is Adi. Malini informs that her dadda is waiting for her outside. Imlie rushes towards door. Satyakam tells Adi that he needs to talk to him something important and asks him to accompany him as someone is following him. Adi agrees. Imlie’s veil falls down and she seeing Malini behind warns her not to fight against fate as fate on her and Adi’s side and not Malini’s. She hears bike sound and rushes out to see Adi driving bike away with Satyakam, asks Malini what did she say Dadda. Malini says she didn’t say anything and calls Adi. Imlie snatches her phone and speaks to Adi who says he is going with Satyakam as Satyakam is in some problem. Imlie wears her veil back taunting Malini that her plan will fail and walks back inside house. Satyakam takes Adi to a secluded place and shoots him. Adi falls down unconscious. Imlie senses Adi’s life in danger when her veil falls down.


Imlie 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie calls Adi. Satyakam picks call and asks her to forget Adi forever. Imlie drops phone and cries Babusaheb.


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