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Imlie 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 3rd August 2022 Cheeni tells Imlie that villagers in the market bullied her and said she doesn’t have a father. Imlie says she will confront them right now. Cheeni stops her and asks her to tell her father’s name. Imlie says they are same as even she doesn’t have her father’s name since childhood,

Satyakam Dadda because her father; a father is the one who wipes their eyes when they cry, fight for them, and protect them. Cheeni imagines Aryan and says just like hero ji as he fits in Imlie’s description, she doesn’t know where hero ji is now.

Imlie asks her to forget hero ji as she doesn’t want her to take his name. Aryan comes. Cheeni says runs and hugs him and tells Imlie that she remembered hero ji and he came. Imlie asks Cheeni to go inside.

Neela calls Panditji for a shanti pooja at home. Arpita taunts Neela that earlier she arranged kitty party with Anu and today shanti pooja, why don’t she become an event planner. Neela gets angry.

Narmada apologizes her and stop Arpita. Preeta hands over Aryan’s kundali/horoscope to Panditji. Arpita asks if she is planning for Aryan’s marriage again. Neela says she is concerned for Aryan and asks Panditji to find if Aryan will have a woman in his life or not. Malini with Anu enters and says already a woman entered in Aryan’s life.

Imlie asks Aryan why did he come here. Aryan says he came for Cheeni. Imlie says Cheen is safe at her home with her dear ones, so he can leave. Aryan asks who are Cheeni’s dear ones. Imlie says she and her mama.

Aryan asks who else. Imlie says one who supported her when nobody supported her, protected her, and knows how difficult it is to upbring a baby alone. Aryan asks who is that. Imlie says her Seeta maiya. Aryan asks who is Cheeni’s father. Meethi enters and says Cheeni is he distant relative’s daughter.

Anu tells Neela that Aryan is not alone as Malini is with him as his business partner. Arpita says who will be in Aryan’s life is written in Aryan’s heart and when there is already someone in his heart, how will someone else enter in it.

Malini says they came here to know about Narmada’s health and asks Narmada how is she. Narmada says she is fine. Malini says good to hear that and says they will go now. Anu insists to attend the pooja. Narmada welcomes her.

Meethi tells Aryan that Cheeni’s father left her alone and her mother alone couldn’t handle her, so Cheeni stays with them. Aryan touches her feet, gives her pizza packet, and says he will go now. Meethi insists him to have lunch with them at least as a village guest and anyways he brought the food. She asks Imlie to serve thali. Imlie asks why did she invite Aryan, she will throw the food price on Aryan’s face.

Meethi asks which money, Aryan really cares for her. Imlie asks why didn’t he remember her for 5 years. Meethi says Aryan does and came here for Cheeni, so Imlie should inform him Cheeni’s truth. Imlie says Aryan will hate Cheeni if he hears who she is, so she will never reveal Cheeni’s identity to Aryan. She takes food awa. Meethi prays Seeta maiya for Imlie’s happiness.

Panditji checks Aryan’s kundali and says khushi/happiness is waiting for Aryan. Preeta says her name is Preeta and not Khushi and she is here since 6 years. Panditji says the girl is in Aryan’s life since long and will change his fate. Malini thinks if he is talking about Imlie. Aryan teaches Cheeni to pronounce pizza, but she fails.

Cheeni asks Imlie to have pizza with them. Imlie says she is not hungry. Aryan and Imlie’s argument starts. Imlie says he always enters her life to destroy it. Aryan says she is destroying Bhaskar Times with her fake article and asks her to sign an apology letter. Imlie burns the apology letter. Aryan says she did wrong. Imlie says he always does right. He counts the time since they are separated. Imlie says she wasn’t wrong then and even now.

Aryan says she is bothered only about her and doesn’t care how others suffer because of her, he will bear huge losses and she doesn’t care. Imlie says even she is hurt and will be in pain because of her. Rajat spies on Aryan and sends his pic to Malini.

Anu snatches phone from Malini and keeps it away. Preeta says panditji should take her name directly as Aryan’s wife and hopes Aryan returns home soon from Pagdandiya. Malini says even she wants Aryan to return soon.

Aryan tells Imlie that he knew she would make his life difficult, he will not go from Pagdandiya without taking her apology letter. Imlie challenges him that she will not sign it. Aryan says the game begins now and leaves from there.


Imlie 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Imlie asks Aryan why would she risk her village children’s lives, she is not wrong. Aryan says she doesn’t have any proof as usual. Imlie says she proved her innocence. Aryan calls police, asks Imlie to prove her innocence in front of everyone, and gets her arrested.


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