Imlie 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 3rd September 2022 Preeta calls Malini and informs her that Rathores are only talking about Imlie and are planning to convince her to stay back with them. Malini disconnects call. Narmada praises that Imlie convinced Aryan to visit office after 5 years. Sundar says only Imlie can do that.

Arpita says Cheeni and Jaggu’s friendship looks good. Neela says Aryan is a heir of Rathore family and describes best, but they are dumping Imlie on him. Arpita says royalty is already gone and she is still stuck in it.

Malini enters and says Imlie reason to stay here is already completed after Aryan started visiting office, so she should leave from here. Arpita comments. Imlie returns. Malini gives her 2 Pagdandiya tickets and says she should leave as her mission is complete and she is not needed here.

Imlie recalls Aryan saying he doesn’t need anyone in life and says Malini is right. Narmada and Arpita emotionally say they need her. Imlie says she had to persuade Aryan to attend office and her job is done. Arpita calls Aryan and asks him to reach home soon as Imlie is leaving with Cheeni.

Aryan recalls Imlie telling him that he may not need her, but many needs him. He says let her go and disconnects call. He recalls the promises made to Imlie and drives car towards home angrily.

Cheeni refuses to return to Pagdandiya. Imlie says Meethi is alone and needs them. Cheeni continues to refuse and demands to talk to Meethi over phone. Imlie says she is mannerless. Aryan returns home. Cheeni walks to him and complains him against Imlie. Malini thinks both Imlie and Cheeni are dramebaaz.

Imlie drags Cheeni along holding her potli. Malini thinks good Imlie is going soon this time or else Imlie would have snatched a lot more from her this time. Aryan holds Cheeni’s hand with teary eyes. Cheeni says even hero ji wants her to stay back and hence crying. Aryan says he thought Cheeni is different, then why is she crying; he says he doesn’t hold anyone and she is free; she may leave his house, but would be in his heart forever.

Cheeni hugs him emotionally. Imlie drags her again. Cheeni collapses. Aryan and others rush to her worried. Malini says Cheeni is acting. Aryan rushes Cheeni in and sprinkles water on her face. Malini asks Imlie if getting unconscious drama is Cheeni’s or hers to stay back at Rathore House. Imlie asks Cheeni to wake up, she do whatever she wants to.

Malini say Imlie spoke truth now and asks Cheeni to stop her drama and get up. She shakes Cheeni. Imlie shouts at her to dare not touch Cheeni and says Malini is safe until she is away from Cheeni, she will kill her if something happens to Cheeni.

Aryan stops Imlie and rushes Cheeni to hospital where doctor informs that Cheeni’s condition is very critical and needs blood transfusion. Aryan says his blood group matches with Cheeni and accompanies nurse to donate blood. Doctor questions Imlie about Cheeni’s medical history. Imlie reveals that Cheeni got similar issue when she was 3 month’s old, her mother abandoned her and her father lives abroad.

Malini hears that and realizes that Cheeni is her and Aditya’s daughter. She thinks Imlie snatched her love, her husband, her family; she will not snatch anything from Imlie and will just snatch what belongs to her, her daughter and her revenge; now there won’t be Aryan or Cheeni in Imlie’s life;

Imlie gave her a gift of loneliness and she wants to give same gift to Imlie. She looks at Cheeni and thinks Cheeni is her badluck, she gave birth to Cheeni thinking Cheeni would reunite her with Aditya, but Cheeni is a curse on her life.

Anu walks to her and asks her to find out who Cheeni’s parents areand send her back to them. Malini says Cheeni is her daughter and recalls the whole incident of abandoning Cheeni in a temple. Anu asks what will they do if Aryan finds out that she lied to him regarding her daughter.


Imlie 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini visits Cheeni and reveals that she is her mother.


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