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Imlie 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 4th June 2021 Imlie thinks even she wants to call bade babu saheb/Dev as baba, but its wrong. Anu notices her and asks why did she return here even after her warning. Imlie says she is going. Imlie continues yelling and calls security. Dev hearing her sends Malini to check. Doctor asks Anu if there is any problem. Anu says her husband is a renowned artist and how can the hospital let any cheap stranger in his room risking his security. Doctor says this girl was with her yesterday, so they let her in.

Anu asks if they think this beggar looking girl is of her standards, this girl came to her husband to loot money from him, he should call police and get this stalker arrested. Imlie reminisces Aparna’s words that she will teach her to stand up for herself and Adi saying same. Malini rushes in. Imlie warns Anu that its illegal to touch anyone without permission, so she should beware; she is not a beggar. Malini asks Anu to stop as its not Imlie’s mistake. Imlie asks if she is really Malini’s mother, she is a dirt in which lotus grows. Anu warns how dare she is. Imlie says she is poor, but not mannerless like.

Anu angrily tries to slap her. Imlie twists her hand and warns to break her hand if she tries to touch her again or else there would be 2 Chaturvedi family members on hospital bed. Dev walks in and asks what is all this. Malini asks why did he come, he should rest. Dev apologizes Imlie. Imlie says its not his mistake and says she will not come again to meet him again. She tells Anu that she tarnished a father-daughter relationship, now she will not meet Dev again and she is giving this promise to Anu in charity. She walks away apologizing Dev. Malini stops her and says she will drop her home.

At Tripathi house, Anu and Radha prepare breakfast in kitchen. Nishant calls Radha to come and search his belt. She says he keeps everything unorganized, if she finds it, she will beat him with it. Rupali informs that Imlie is missing. Aparna says she must have gone to college. Adi walks in and says she has gone to hospital. Radha hopes Anu doesn’t create any problem. Adi says he wants Imlie to react if Anu creates a problem.

Imlie while traveling home in a car with Malini apologizes her for misbehaving with her mother. Malini says she felt good instead as she stood for herself and says wrong happens with many people, but it depends what they learn from it; she felt bad when she said she will not meet papa again, she will not mind if she calls Dev as papa and papa loves her also. Imlie says she knows, but she cannot call her baba as baba. Malini says she is not snatching her right. Imlie says she is fighting for her right since long, she was forcefully married to Adi and is fighting for him with Malini since then;

Dev is Malini’s father and only she has right on him. Malini says Imlie is wrong, she got both Adi and Dev’s love, now its Imlie’s turn. She says its time to get back her right, so she should stop thinking this. They reach home. Nishant with Rupali watgering plant sees Malini and asks how is she. Malini says she is fine. Rupali asks about Dev. Malini says he is fine and she came here to drop Imlie. Nishant asks her to come in for 5-10 minutes. Rupali and Imlie also request her. She walks in. Ruapli asks Imlie if everyting is fine between her and Malini. Imlie says everything is right after a long time. Aparna gets happy seeing Malini. Harish says he is feeling good seeing her.

Aparna asks Malini when will she return. Malini says she will stay with papa till he gets completely well as Anu and Daadi cannot take care of him well. Pankaj says she is right. Harish asks Imlie why did she go to hospital, what if Anu had caught her. Radha says Anu must have. Aparna says Anu would have been angry on Imlie. Malini smiles and says Imlie got angry on mom instead and now mom will think 10 times before speaking to Imlie. Rupali excitedly asks if she confronted Anu. Pankaj says let us hear the story while having tea and snacks. Aparna scolds him. Imlie goes to kitchen to prepare tea and snacks. Malini walks to her and offers her engagement ring.

Imlie says she cannot take it as its wrong. Malini says she should tell that she gave it to her as it belongs to her and Adi will give it to some day. Imlie denies. Malini pleads to accept it and do her a favor. Imlie says she is not doing her any favor as it belongs to her. Malini says even her boyfriend doesn’t want her to keep her ex’s gift. Imlie says she knows there is no one else in her life. Malini says of course she has, her boyfriend’s name is Kunal Chauhan. Anu hears her conversation and drops water glass in shock. She runs away shattered to inform family. Imlie tells Malini if she can consequence of her lie, she will go and tell truth to everyone.


Imlie 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie tells Tripathi family that what they heard is true, problems between her and Adi started as she loves someone and there is someone else in her life now.


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