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Imlie 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 5th October 2021 Tripathis visit C house for pooja. Dev greets them. Anu thanks them for coming and says she thought they wouldn’t come. Harish says they should respect would be grandma/naani’s request. Anu asks not to call her naani, she hasn’t decided what will baby call her. Rupali jokes to hurry up or else baby will also call her Mrs Chaturvedi. Dev smirks. Dulari jokes they are both nanis now.

Aparna asks Anu reason for pooja. Anu says she kept her family deity’s pooja for baby’s safety. Dev acts surprised and says she didn’t keep any pooja during Malini’s time. Anu says he doesn’t remember as he was wandering in villages at that time. Aditya asks if they can start pooja. Anu says sure, Pandit is on the way, so they can sit till then. They walk in. Malini thanks Anu and says she didn’t get any other idea to stop Adi and Imlie’s date. Imlie hears their conversation.

Anu asks Tripathis if they want to have snacks till panditji comes. Rupali taunts if she hasn’t mixed anything. Anu calls maid to come and serve her prepared snacks. Mithi enters leaving Tripathis surprised. Adi irked asks what is this. Anu asks why are they surprised, Mithi needed a job and she needed a maid and hence hired her for 5000 rs. Adi shouts she is unrepentant for her acts even after so much happened.

Anu says she apologized for all her mistakes. Adi shouts sorry word looks cheap from her mouth, how can she do this to amma. Anu says she just gave job to this poor woman whose husband is a criminal and cannot take care of her. Mithi tells Adi that its a job and she doesn’t bother what others think. Imlie says she is right. Anu warns Mithi that she hired her to work and not chat with guests and orders to get remaining snacks. Imlie, Rupali, Nishant, Sundar, Dev, offer to help Mithi.

Dulari also agrees and yells at Anu that she has to work because of her. Adi says he will accompany Imlie. Malini asks him to sit back when so many people are helping Mithi. Aparna also insists. Adi sits back yelling that he is doing this for baby, but its wrong. Mithi with others serves snacks. Dev asks Mithi to taste snacks. Anu says she is on diet. Dulari forcefeeds her and says she looks pretty with mouth shut. Imlie’s supporters smirk seeing that.

Panditji starts pooja and says they are doing pooja for would baby’s protection and bright future, husband and wife should come in front. Rupali asks Imlie to sit with Adi as its her right. Imlie says Anu and Malini will not let her sit with Adi as they organized this pooja to keep her away from Adi. Rupali says they should inform this to Adi. Imlie says Adi will not believe her. Rupali asks if she will not do anything.

Imlie says she will pray for baby as she is not like Anu and Malini. Anu makes Adi and Malini sit together and tells panditji that husband and wife sat for pooja. Adi says they are baby’s parents but not husband and wife. Panditji says he is performing this kind of pooja for the first time. Malini asks to start it. Panditji starts pooja. Malini remembers doctor’s warning that she has asthma and should stay away from dust and smoke, thinks she can tolerate a bit of smoke.

Nishant walks to Adi and says he booked a table for Adi and Imlie. Adi says he will take Imlie out for a lunch date after pooja ends. Malini asks what happened, if he has planned something. He says he is taking Imlie out for a dinner date after pooja. She says let us finish pooja soon then. Anu walks to Panditji and asks him to elongate pooja as much as he can. Pandit asks baby’s mother’s brother to drape chunri/veil on baby’s parents. Nishant does same hesitantly. Imlie feels sad seeing that.

Pandit asks parents to hold each other’s hand and take oath. Mithi tells Dulari that she never heard of this kind of pooja. Pandit asks parents to take oath that they will protect baby and will love him/her like they love each other. Adi says he will love baby like he loves his wife. Imlie asks Seeta Maiya why she wrote this kind of fate for her. Adi prays god to get him to Imlie again as she is far away from him mentally, looking at Imlie. Pandit continues pooja. Anu taunts servant Imlie that it looks good seeing everyone at their place, Adi and Malini are together, but Imlie and her mother can’t do anything.

Imlie warns not to badmouth about her mother. Anu warns her to calm down during pooja and says Adi and Malini will be together forever, but beggar Imlie may not even be present. Imlie says she cares for her and prays god to give her some conscience. Anu says junior servant can do whatever she wants to. Imlie thinks Anu hasn’t changed even after going to jail, she needs to do something.


Imlie 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie with Nishant and Sundar plays prank with Anu and says she is invisible now. Anu finds herself missing from photo and mirror.


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