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Imlie 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 6th July 2021 Aditya asks Imlie if she is thinking about Malini’s words. Imlie reminisces Malini’s confrontation and says she is not feeling bad as Malini is her elder sister. Adi says Malini is his good friend and she loves KC. Imlie says Malini knew from before that Dev is her father, so she must be feeling that she did betraying to her sister, she can understand Malini’s feelings and Adi’s thinking, but doesn’t know what she herself needs. He says he, Malini, and her amma didn’t tell her truth, but it came in front of her; he wants them to reveal the truth to family before people start badmouthing about them.

KC drops Malini home. Anu peeps via window and thinks Malini came with KC again, but if she says something again, Malini will go back again. KC asks Malini if she is sure she wants to return home. Malini says mom is alone and needs her help, she can concentrate less on her problems if she stays with mom. KC assures that everything is will be alright. She says it will only if she accepts that Adi loves Imlie and not her, Adi is her good friend and doesn’t love her, she has to accept this fact or else Adi cannot move on with Imlie. He asks her to call her if she needs his help. She thanks him and walks inside home. Anu thinks her doubt is right that Adi is having an affair with a maid and her daughter is so innocent that she is supporting it, she will not let her daughter go through the same problem she faced her whole life.

Imlie meets Mithi and resting on her lap says she is habituated to lie so much that she is unable to tell truth. Mithi asks if she loves Adi or not. Imlie says yes. Mithi asks to think what Adi wants; if she had accepted Satyakam long ago, they would have been married for 20 years instead of 2 months. Satyakam brings tea for them and opens door hearing door knock. He sees Dev standing, closes door, and asks if he is searching yamraj that she came here, he should leave or else he will kill him. Dev says he came here because Imlie is here. warns him to dare not talk about Imlie. Dev says though he gave birth to Imlie, Satyakam is his real father who bought her up like his own daughter, he just came to give what he couldn’t since years, Satyakamm can understand him as only a daughter’s father can understand another father’s pain. Satyakam opens door and lets him in. Mithi is surprised to see him. Dev apologizes for Anu’s misbehavior. Imlie asks him to leave. He requests to listen to him once. He says she will not lissten anything. He shows his property will and says along with Malini Chaturvedi, it has Imlie Chaturvedi’s name and he felt this was the best idea to give her his name. She takes papers and tears them away and says he cannot buy this daughter’s love this way. He says he didn’t come to purchase but give her an identity. Imlie says she realized her identity when teacher asked her name during her first class, her amma and dadda made her realize then that she doesn’t need her father’s name to create her identity. Dev says he left her amma without informing her 20 years ago, but since he found out about Imlie, he is repent for his mistake; so she can call him bhura daku/dacoit if not a daughter and behave like before. She hopes he was bhura daku and not her father and says she cannot change it now as she remembers her amma’s pain and villagers’s taunts whnever she sees his face, so he should leave. He says if she feels pain seeing him, he will not come in front of her again, but when he dies, she should come to see him once. Satyakam requests Imlie to forgive Dev. Imlie asks if he is saying this; Mithi says he always hated Dev, then what happened now. Satyakam says every father wants his children to be a better person than him, so if she respects him, she should forgive Dev and go to college with him. Dev says he cannot forget Satyakam’s favor and requests to forgive him if he can. Satyakam says he can never see tears in Imlie’s eyes and will never spare him if she cries because of him. Mithi gives Imlie’s school bag, and she leaves for college with Dev.

Dev accompanies Imlie to college and requests to forgive him if possible and says he is always there for her and can do anything for her. Imlie thinks once he finds out that she is his elder daughter’s sautan, his perception will change. Dev says he will drop her till her classroom. Imlie says she will go by herself. Dev walks towards his car when reporters throng Imlie and ask if she has some big news. Dev rushes to Imlie and tries to protect her. Principal asks Imlie if she called press. She says no. Dev asks reporters what they want to ask. Anu walks in from behind and asks if Imlie is having an affair with journalist Aditya Tripathi and he left his wife because of her. Dev and Imlie stand shocked.


Imlie 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reporters question Imlie if she is really having an affair with Aditya and blacken her face with ink.


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