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Imlie 7th October 2021 T and C families sit for dinner. Sundar informs Adi that he made all arrangements for his and Imlie’s dinner date and he can leave now. Adi tries to leave. Malini and Aparna stop him and ask him to finish dinner.

He walks aside saying Malini needs dinner much, he is not feeling hungry and will have it later. Malini thinks why did she arrange pooja when she couldn’t stop Adi and Imlie’s dinner date. Dulari hiding showers money on pandit. Pandit picks money thinking its a miracle. Imlie notices Dulari and gives pandit’s snatched money. Pandit leaves happily. Imlie asks Dulari how did she get so much money.

Dulari reminds her that she showered these fake notes on her. Imlie surprised asks if she saved those fake notes for her. Dulari says she is no more her fake nani and doesn’t need these fake notes. Adi walks to Imlie and asks what is she doing with these fake notes. She thinks he will not believe that pooja was fake, says she didn’t do anything, and asks if he wants to say something.

Dulari asks him to speak. He says he wants to talk to Imlie alone. Dulari leaves shying. Adi asks Imlie to accompany her for a surprise.

Anu sees Malini tensed and asks reason. She says she cannot stop Adi and Imlie’s dinner date even after making so many arrangements. Anu asks her not to worry as she will do something like she organized fake pooja. Adi requests Imlie to accompany him, and she denies. Dulari returns and asks Imlie to accept her husband’s request.

Imlie walks away saying she didn’t, why should she. She returns to dining hall where Mithi makes her sit with T and C family. Anu tells Malini that Imlie hit an axe on her foot by returning here, she will not let her go out. Nishant walks to Adi and asks why did he return. Adi says Imlie doesn’t want to go with him. Nishant says he should have informed her that he is taking her for a dinner date. Adi says she didn’t let him speak at all.

Nishant asks him to write a note for her, he will give it to her. Adi writes a note and hands it over to him and says he is going home with Sundar. Anu notices them, hears their conversation hiding, and returns for dinner. Nishant walks to Imlie and asks how is food. Anu says she will feed Imlie with her own hands. Imlie and Meethi are surprise. Anu says Imlie tricked her and won, so its a price for her.

She asks Nishant go have dinner. Hairsh also scolds him to sit and have dinner. Anu feeds Imlie. Imlie also starts her jokergiri and feeds Anu. Harish is surprised to see Imlie and Anu feeding each other. Malini thinks Imlie will have so much food that she will not go on a lunch date.

Adi arranges a table for Imlie with Sundar’s help on terrace and hopes Imlie likes dishes. Sundar suggests him to tell Imlie what is in his mind. He says he will say sorry to Imlie and gets nervous. Sundar says he will mimic as Imlie. Adi walks closer to him and says I am sorry Imlie. Sundar asks him to get some feelings. Adi fails after multiple tries. Back at C house, Imlie and Anu continue feeding each other. Nishant gives note hidden in puri to Rupali and asks her to give it to Imlie.

Rupali asks Dulari to give it to Imlie. Dulari insists Imlie to have puri from her hand. Imlie says she can’t have any more food. Harish says he will have it. Dulari says its for Imlie. Dulari insists Imlie’s name is written on it. Imlie understands her signal, takes puri, reads Adi’s note to come on terrace, and silently walks away. Sundar continues to teach Adi. Adi delivers dialogue. Sundar asks him to stop talking old discussion, talk something new, and not be serious like a reporter.

Malini enters and says she likes Adi’s serious reporter look and seeing junk food says she was bored having healthy food and wants to enjoy junk food. Sundar says its not for her. She asks him to go. Adi says its not good for her. She says she wants to have it. Imlie brings Malini’s doctor who says he warned her to stay away from dust and smoke. Malini nervously denies. Adi says she got doctor’s call when they were in car. Doctor takes Malini for checkup.


Imlie 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi greets Imlie on a dinner date and says he wants to have a fresh start with her and make their each day memorable.


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