Imlie 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 8th July 2022 Imlie plays with the baby and babbles with her. Aryan busy on his laptop asks her to stop babbling as baby will also babble. Imlie continues to babble to irritate him.

Aryan says he learnt to change baby’s nappy pad and can change it in 40 seconds. He shows it practically and asks Imlie to give baby’s milk bottle next. She throws baby’s soiled nappy pad on his face and laughs.

He gets angry, then reads a book for the baby. They both make baby sleep and enjoy coffee together. Aryan says their life will be busy like this after Chiku’s entry. Imlie says she is preparing herself for Chiku’s arrival. She says she feels this baby girl belongs to her.

Anu gets frustrated looking at her granddaughter’s medical bills and asks Malini why did she give birth to traitor Aditya’s child. Malini recalls visiting a doctor for abortion and speaking her ordeal.

She then watches news about Imlie’s marriage with Aryan and recalls Imlie’s challenging her to separate her from Aditya and Aditya abandoning her. She says Imlie is a hypocrite who talks about feminism, but the truth is any woman cannot live without husband’s love; Imlie ruined her life and herself got lucky twice; she will ruin Imlie’s life and make it incomplete like her.

She decides to give birth to the baby. Out of flashback, Malini tells Anu that her pregnancy was the means to keep Imlie away from Aditya and her daughter will separate Imlie from every person she loves. Anu asks how will this 3-month-old baby do this. Malini says baby in Imlie’s life itself is a trouble and she has already reached Imlie’s life.

Sundar and Arpita play with the baby. Aryan says he will visit police station and file a complaint for the baby. He takes baby’s pic. Imlie takes the baby and wishes bye from Chiku and baby girl Gudiya’s side.

Aryan tries to kiss Imlie’s cheek, but feels shy seeing everyone looking at them and leaves nervously. Narmada takes baby and pampers her. Neela walks to them frowning, and baby starts crying. Arpita says baby started crying seeing Neela.

Neela takes baby and she stops crying and pees in Neela’s hands. Neela feels more frustrated and leaves yelling. Narmada asks Imlie to bring milk for the baby as she is feeling hungry.

Imlie prepares milk for the baby and collapses. Neela comes there and thinks Aryan spoke rudely with her because of Imlie, she will not let Imlie gather a group of beggars at Rathod house. She hides Imlie in kitchen cabinet. An NGO women visit Rathod house. Neela grins recalling hiring goons to act as NGO people and take baby girl away.


Imlie 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie disguised as an old woman rescues baby girl from goons.


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