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Imlie 9th August 2022 Doctor treats children suffering from food poisoning after having stale laddus and asks parents not to worry as its just a minor food poisoning case and will get well soon. He further says that Cheeni had multiple blood vomits and needs blood immediate tranfusion or else they can’t do anything.

Imlie shouts at the doctor. Aryan stops her and asks Cheeni’s blood group. Doctor says B negative blood is not available in their blood bank. Aryan says even his blood group is B negative, so he will donate blood. Imlie recalls earlier incident where Aryan donates blood to Cheeni. Aryan assures Meethi that Cheeni will be fine and accompanies doctor. Imlie tells Meethi that Cheeni will be fine.

At Rathore house, Sundar checks new recipes online for his restaurant. Jaggu says he needs something. Arpita says he must have seen some toy on internet and is demanding same. Juggu says he needs a little brother or sister to play.

Sundar gives a mischievous comment on Arpita. Arpita feels shy and asks Jaggu why he needs a sibling. Jaggu says he feels lonely and needs a sibling play, demands to get him one by evening. Sundar says its not possible so soon. Jaggu asks how much time will it take then.

Doctor informs Imlie that Cheeni’s condition is stable now. Imlie thanks him and Seeta maiya. Doctor says she should thank Aryan for donating blood. Parents accuse Imlie of poisoning their children and try to attack her. Aryan stops them and says he knows they are in pain after Imlie put their children’s lives in danger.

Imlie says why would she put her village kids’ lives in danger. Aryan says that is usual reply and says now law will give the verdict. He calls police and gets them arrested. Malini thinks Aryan is 1 step ahead when it comes to taking revenge. She recalls telling Aryan that Imlie has to sign an apology letter at any cost.

Aryan asks why is she behind Imlie again, if she did something. Malini says all children had food poisoning after having Imlie’s prepared laddus. Aryan asks how is it possible. Malini says he knows Imlie better and knows how careless Imlie can be regarding children. Aryan recalls losing his baby because of Imlie’s carelessness.

Malini says Imlie will be punished for what she did to the children, him, and even her; Imlie cannot play with children’s lives anymore and should be punished for sure, she should sign the apology letter. Out of flashback, police drag Imlie away while she repeats that she didn’t do anything.

Neela hears Sundar, Arpita, and Jaggu’s conversation and tells Jaggu that if Imlie had not killed the baby, he would have had an elder brother. She says he need not worry as Preeta will marry Aryan and he will have a cousin brother soon. Arpita asks he not to discuss such issues in front of a kid and says Imlie is returning home with Aryan. Sundar says Jaggu will get a cousin soon to play with. Jaggu runs away happily. Neela leaves frowning.

Malini tells Aryan that he did right, she doesn’t what is Pagdandiya people’s problem that whoever comes here returns hurt, he should return to Delhi now Aryan says he will not go until Cheeni is out of danger. Malini shows footage and says it clearly shows that Imlie food poisoned kids, they should hand over this proof to police and send Imlie to jail forever.

Aryan goes to meet Chenei. Malini thinks she wants to keep Imlie away from Aryan, but Imlie will be away from everyone when she goes to jail and this proof is enough to break Imlie completely.

Imlie in police station feels worried for Cheeni and prays Seeta maiya to protect her. Cheeni asks Aryan about Imlie. Aryan says she is fine and has gone out. Cheeni says Imlie wouldn’t go away from her just like that, she will open her eyes only when Imlie comes. Aryan orders her to open her eyes.

Cheeni says he is just her hero ji and not Imlie, so he cannot order her. Aryan recalls his earlier similar incident with Imlie and says he cannot order her, but can give her a slight push. Cheeni opens her eyes and laughs and says he repeats Imlie;’s words. Aryan asks if Imlie spoke about her. Cheeni asks if he is Imlie’s friend, why he is repeating Imlie’s words. Aryan says he is Aryan Singh Rathore and doesn’t repeat anyone’s words.

Cheeni coughs. Aryan gets concerned and calls doctor. Cheeni laughs and says she was joking and says she likes him, so she shared Imlie’s prepared laddu with him. Aryan recalls Malini showing him footage and saying Imlie mixed poison in laddus.

He excuseses himelf, walks out and asks Malini to accompany him to police station with evidence. Imlie breaks down behind bars. Meethi reaches police station. Imlie asks why did she leave Cheeni with Aryan as Aryan just likes his arrogance. Meethi says she is thinking wrong. Aryan reaches there with Malini. Imlie says Aryan left an ill kid and came here to destroy her.

Malini shows footage to inspector and says this proves Imlie gave poisoned laddus to children. Aryan says this footage proves Imlie is innocent as the video is purposefully made to trap Imlie. Malini says it proves children had poisoned laddus.

Aryan says caterers brought poisoned laddus. Malini asks if he has any proof. Aryan says he is the proof as kids’ health deteriorated immediately after having 1 laddu, but he had Imlie’s prepared 3 laddus and 1 is still with him. Imlie recalls Aryan taking laddus forcefully.


Imlie 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie asks Aryan what he needs. He says her pain, defeat, tears; he wants her to accept her defeat and go through the pain which she gave him and apologize him. Imlie says she will not apologize and walks away.


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