Indiawaali Maa Mein 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 11th September 2020 Hassu insists Kaku to tell the truth, why she wants to come back. Kaku says nothing happened and aasks him to book her return tickets soon. Rohan walks down to go to office and hears their conversation. He walks towards his car. She rushes to him with tiffin. He asks if she informed papa everything and papa hates him more. She says he forgot his tiffin, she is a mother and just asked his father to book return ticket, he told to go back and stay away from them, so he has to bear her for 1-2 days more.

Rohan’s creditor lady with goons barges into Rohan’s house when he is not present at home and yells at Kaku that her son took loan from her and doesn’t want to repay. Kaku says if he has taken loan, he will repay. Lady asks what if he doesn’t. Kaku says she will pay. Lady says she has 24 hours to gather as much money as she can and repay her. She leaves with her goons laughing.

Chinu wakes up from sleeping wishing goodmorning to Rohan and realizes she is her father’s house. Vasu passes by doing pooja and chanting shlokas wrongly. Chinu scolds her to stop her acting as he doesn’t know basic shlokas taught in schools, she chants shlokas and asks to learn it before appa tests her knowledge by chance. Meenu asks Chinu to play video game with her before appa comes. Chinu agrees. Rohan calls Chinu and asks how is she, if she woke up today hearing pooja. Chinu says yes and asks what happened to their office. Rohan says he is trying his best and even maa/Kaku has told she will go back in 2-3 days, he will sort out everything before Chinu returns. Chinu hopes so. Rohan says maa is calling and disconnects call. Kaku over phone informs him about his creditor lady insisting to return loan in 24 hours. Rohan says she doesn’t have to worry about it, asks to never pick anyone’s call except his and pappa’s call and look via peephole if someone rings bell. She asks what is that. He says hole in a door. She checks it. He sneezes. She says he sneezes whenever he is tensed and asks howmuch loan did he borrow. He disconnects call.

Kaku thinks of taking Hassu’s help and calls him. Hassu says he was just remembering her and asks where did she keep loan documents which they took for Rohan’s studies. She asks if he didn’t clear it. Hassu says they took 20-year loan and only 8 years have passed, they both have to work hard for their son till their last breath. She says her Faiba/grandma used to tell that parents have to sacrifice their lives for children. He says she is right. She says file is in secret locker in his cupboard. He says he didn’t check that space and says what would have happened to him and his house without her. Kaku disconnects call. Door bell rings. She opens door. Grocery boy says he brought grocery. She closes door and checks from peephole saying she is checking. He asks 800 rs. She pays him and asks about ATM. He gives her address. She heads towards apartment’s main gate when kids ram their cycle on her and apologizes in Kannada. Watchman interprets in Kannada. Kids walk away. Kaku sees woman’s running race pamphlet and asks about it. Watchman says women who don’t have much work are organizing running race with 10000 rs first price, if it was open for everyone, he would have won and shared 5000 rs each between his 2 wives. She jokes to given them 4000 rs each and keep 2000 rs for his medicine as they both will not spare him if they know about it. He says she is right. Kaku thinks of participating in race to repay Rohan’s loan.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaku enrolls herself in ladies’ running race and participates thinking she will protect support her son.


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