Indiawaali Maa Mein 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 16th October 2020 Episode starts with Kaku asking Rohan not to talk to his dad badly. She says I m Hasmukh’s wife, and your mum, you should never talk to him like that, what did you give him, you lied to him about everything, this marriage, baby and the loan, he is a simple man. He says sorry, but he was also saying a lot. He says I wanted to have a good life, you all have always misunderstood me, what’s this status, status has to be made, what’s wrong if I want a lavish life, if I want to give happiness to Cheenu, I don’t want a mediocre life like dad, he is a miser. Kaku scolds him. She says we want you to become a big man, you can dream, its a good thing, its no use if you leave everything behind. He says I didn’t leave anything behind, I couldn’t move on to upper class life standards, you won’t understand. He asks Sagar to come, he will show what he will do. Cheenu comes. Rohan says its high time people see the real me, nobody can judge me. A man delivers icecream. Rohan says but we didn’t order it. Akshay calls Cheenu and asks did you get the frozen blueberry. She says you did this, you don’t have to do this. Rohan looks on. She says okay, thanks. She ends call.

Rohan asks her to keep it in freezer. Rohan goes to receive the bouquet he ordered for Cheenu. He trashes the bouquet. Cheenu gives the icecream to the watchman. Kaku asks will you have something. Cheenu goes. Kaku tries to call Hasmukh. He doesn’t answer. She messages him, I fell down the stairs. He calls back and asks where did you fall, how is your foot now. She says I lied to you, you were not answering my call. He says don’t defend Rohan now. She says no, I won’t get in between, I have some work. She asks him to get her jewellery and the saree to Trupti, there is marriage function at her house. Hasmukh says fine, you always give me work. He opens the cupboard. Things fall down. She asks what did you drop. He picks the books. He sees Rohan’s childhood pics. He sits there seeing the photo book.

He says I stay alone, tell me if you are hiding something. She says no, tell me what happened. He cries and says how did this happen, when did I become a zero from hero. They cry. She says you had been strict towards him, its your love, the world just finds mum loving child, no one sees dad’s love, I promise you, I will take Rohan ahead with the right thinking, I will show him the way now, will you not be upset if I say you are my hero. He asks which saree to give. She tells him about the pink saree.

Rohan says I m a loser in everyone’s eyes, I was wrong, I will try to turn it around, I have six months, I have to repay 2 crores to bank and prove myself to dad, we have to start business again, Murthy is the problem, no investor wants to help us. Sagar gets a call. He says fine, I will meet the investor, don’t worry, I will arrange the investment. Sagar goes and answers the call. He says yes, I will just come.

Kaku asks Trupti to sell the jewellery and send the money to her. Trupti says its your Stree dhan, what’s the need to sell it. Kaku says I have to give it to Rohan for his business, Hasmukh shouldn’t know about it, just go and sell it. Sagar meets Murthy/Appa. Appa says Kaku and Rohan have troubled me a lot, I have to send them outside Bangalore, I will invest in Rohan’s business, I will give you big amount for the help, I got to know about your connections in fake retailing, I know everything here, this is my city. He threatens Sagar. Sagar says you are great Sir. Appa says Rohan shouldn’t know that you are going to involve him in illegal business. Sagar says yes Sir, it will be done. Appa says you will get the money, keep one condition from the investor. Sagar asks what.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :The jeweller says I remember everything, what’s the need that you are selling it. Kaku talks to him.


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