Indiawaali Maa Mein 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 19th October 2020 Episode starts with Kaku asking Trupti to send the money to Rohan. Trupti says you can leave the big house, the rent will be much, you can shift to a small house. Kaku says right, but Rohan already paid 6 months rent to the flat owner. Trupti says I will send the money. Kaku says I will see how I can save money. Sagar asks Rohan to see the office space. Rohan asks which investor did you get. Sagar says Mr. Patel agreed to me. Rohan hugs him and says I will call him. Sagar says call him later. Rohan asks where shall I sign. Sagar says there is a condition. Rohan asks what, business on my mum’s name. Sagar says yes, what’s the big deal, people will not believe you. Rohan says if there is any other issue. Sagar says either sign the deal or take rest, go to the jail after six months, uncle will lose his shop also. Kaku thinks of savings.

Meenu hides and enters the house. Vasudha stops her and says I have seen you with that guy, I m so happy, I m your mum, you can share your feelings with me. Appa comes and scolds Meenu. Meenu asks why do you always punish me for Cheenu’s mistakes, I should also get into an affair with someone and get pregnant. Appa raises hand. Akshay comes and stops him. He asks Appa to come for meeting. Appa asks Vasudha to take care of Meenu. They go. Meenu says I like Akshay, but he liked Cheenu. Vasudha says so what, Cheenu doesn’t like him, the road is clear for you, I will teach you to use your charm. Kaku sees the bill. She says I will save money and Rohan also.

Meenu thanks Akshay. She gets his favorite cookies. She asks do you still miss Cheenu, did you find anyone else, you found Cheenu’s fav colour is black, you always wear black shirts. He says not really. Cheenu comes and is surprised to see Meenu. Meenu says I was just going to leave. Cheenu asks where are you going. Meenu says jail, to get punished for your mistakes.

Cheenu says sorry if Appa told something. Rohan asks how was the icecream. The man calls her and says aunty sent me back to get some items, she isn’t opening the door now. She says stay there, I will come. She says sorry, you were saying something, we will talk later, Kaku isn’t opening the door, I m really worried. Akshay says I wanted to say something, maybe I can help you in Rohan’s matter. She says thanks, Rohan won’t accept your help.

He asks why don’t you get a job, let me help. She says so sweet, you still think of me, I also want to find a job. He says start here in my office. She says not here. He says you are having a baby, you have to take care, come anytime as per your convenience, you are my childhood friend. She says give me some time, I will get back to you later. She goes home and opens the door. She sees Kaku removing bulbs. She asks what are you doing here, get down. Kaku says the bill is coming long, why, is it Diwali. She asks the man to remove some bulbs. Cheenu asks him to leave. Kaku says I asked him to take back the items. She says you did breakfast, you will just eat fresh green vegs, Rohan and I will have vegs, I will save money. She shows her book. She says our target is 2 crores, I arranged 4 lakhs, we have to cut down on daily needs, so that we can help Rohan, we can stay without light.

She switches off the lights. Cheenu says this won’t help. Kaku asks shall I get ration from Bhuj, the shops are charging a lot. Cheenu smiles. Kaku says courier charges will be much, shall I start tiffin service, I can stitch designer clothes. Cheenu looks at her and cries. Kaku says everyone will praise me here. Cheenu recalls Akshay’s words. She says this won’t help us. Kaku says what shall I do, if I don’t help Rohan, I will be useless. Main to maa hoon….plays…. Kaku cries.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rohan says business deal is locked. Kaku gets happy for him.


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