Indiawaali Maa Mein 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 20th October 2020 Episode starts with Cheenu getting food for Kaku. She says I tried to make it, have it. Kaku says you made it for the first time, I will have it. She eats the food and says its really good. Cheenu says you are not saying the truth, I will try. Kaku says maybe baby won’t lie. Cheenu says I failed. Kaku says don’t think this, you thought to make food for someone, you cooked also, its imp. Cheenu asks really. Kaku says yes. Cheenu asks why did you think you are useless for Rohan, you tried to help Rohan. Kaku says I m not able to solve the problem. Rohan comes. Kaku asks how was the day, investor was coming.

Rohan says business deal got locked. Kaku smiles. He says on your name. He asks her to sign the papers. She says great, you made papers ready. She gets happy. Cheenu asks why on Kaku’s name. He asks why, you are doubting me, get this cross checked by Akshay. Cheenu returns the papers and goes. She asks why did you argue with her, she had many dreams to go with you, but she had to go to the police station, why do you get Akshay in between always, don’t talk of third person always, its wrong. He says fine, I will convince her, I will say sorry. She says when I feel its too much, I leave the argument, Hasmukh convinces me. He asks what does he do. She says he dances for me on any song, I feel like laughing and forget the fight. Cheenu cries. Rohan comes to her. He plays a song and dances for her. Cheenu looks at him surprised. He recalls kaku teaching him the dance steps. Cheenu laughs seeing him. She asks what are you doing. He says I can’t do this, I don’t know how dad does, I was trying to convince you, I m sorry. She pulls his cheek and says you are so cute, I can’t stay upset with you. He hugs her.

She says you know I love you, you lied about Kaku and loan, you didn’t tell me anything. Rohan gifts her something. Cheenu smiles seeing the pregnancy book. He asks when is doctor’s appointment, I will come along with you, I want to be the best father. She hugs him and says I m sure you will be the best, we all make mistakes, imp thing is you have realized, I hope you don’t break Kaku’s faith this time, she has done a lot. He asks her not to worry. He promises.

She kisses the book and thanks him. She says I want to help you, I met Akshay regarding job. She sees him gone. Hasmukh asks on your name. Kaku says yes, its a matter of pride. He says yes, is everything done. She says yes, he does all the work. Rohan asks her to sign. She asks him to take Hasmukh’s blessings. Rohan looks at Hasmukh.

Rohan says mum’s sign will be needed as business is on her name, you don’t find it genuine, every time you ask me. He goes away. Kaku says he is working day and night, let him work, don’t doubt him, why. Hasmukh says fine, sorry. He dances for her. Kaku laughs seeing him.

Kaku goes to Rohan. He says sign it now. She says yes. Kaku takes the pen to sign. She asks shall I sign in hindi or english, I m asking because its written in english. He says you can sign in hindi also. She says I can sign in english also, give me some time to practice. She shows the sign to Cheenu. Cheenu says its so cute, you can do any sign you want. Rohan says don’t think much, sign on it. Kaku says its a big thing for me. Kaku signs the papers. She asks is it right. Rohan takes more signs on the documents. Sagar says Rohan went to get aunty’s signs. Appa says Rohan should never doubt that he is getting involved in illegal business, one day, when time is right, the business will send mum and son to jail. Sagar says fine, it will be done. Cheenu says congrats Kaku. Rohan looks on. Kaku asks why are you upset, its such a good thing, we will pay the loan in 6 months, you have taken the right path, my blessings are with you. She hugs Rohan and Cheenu. They smile.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Hasmukh talks to Kaku over phone. He says its Navratri here from tomorrow.


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