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Indiawaali Maa Mein 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 21st October 2020 Episode starts with Kaku wishing all the best. Cheenu says I need to talk. Rohan says I have to meet Sagar, its a new beginning, we will talk later. She says I met Akshay. He says I m getting late, we will talk later. Kaku prays. Hasmukh calls her and asks did you sign. She says yes. He says you have become a businesswoman today. She says yes, bless me. He blesses her. She says I wish Rohan gets successful, Navratri is starting today. He says this time, business isn’t doing well, I have to give some money to get the stall, I was thinking to keep your jewellery as security for three days. She worries. He says its fine if you don’t find it right. She says no, wait, you have asked for something for the first time, I will do something. Trupti has my jewellery, I will ask her to return it to you. He thanks her. She calls Trupti. She says why isn’t Trupti answering.

Sagar calls Appa. He says papers got signed. Appa says good, it means half job is done, Rohan’s mum has to be fully involved, else case won’t be solid. Sagar says its fine, I need more money. Sagar says you don’t worry for it. Rohan likes the designs. He says I will call and confirm first. Akshay asks what did you think of my job offer. Cheenu says I have thought of it, Kaku is always excited to help. He asks when are you joining office. She says I have to discuss with Rohan. He says be like your mum, she was independent and energetic, you have to be independent. She says I will get back on this. She disconnects the call. Kaku calls Trupti again.

Cheenu sees her and asks what happened, why do you look worried. Kaku says yes, I m worried, Trupti isn’t answering my call. The man says your designs are ready. Rohan says this is not good, its not like the sample. Sagar says it will get rejected. The man says I made it seeing the pic. He goes. Rohan says he left. Sagar says we have just 10 days, how will we manage it so soon, I have an idea, aunty had made such designs, none can do this work better, she has knowledge of everything, your mom will come to help us like always, too good.

Kaku says its good you can handle this, go back and give money back to jeweller, you have to give the jewellery to Hasmukh. Trupti says it won’t be possible now. Kaku worries. She asks how will you manage husband and son’s needs now. Sagar says once aunty does this work, everything will be fine. Rohan says no, I can’t do this, 500 jackets is tough, we have to find some dealer. Sagar says we have to make 500 jackets ready in 10 days, we need someone. Appa asks did you cook the food, Meenu. Meenu says yes Appa. Appa smiles and says good. Vasudha says we invited Akshay for dinner, so we cooked together. Akshay comes and greets them. He says sorry I got late.

Vasudha says Meenu had made the food today, try it and say. Akshay says its really good. Kaku asks what shall I do Trupti, if I refuse to Hasmukh, he will doubt Rohan again and they will fight, they don’t talk with love. Trupti says calm down. Kaku says I m a foolish woman, I always make mistakes, just help me. Trupti says I will try my best, don’t take tension, sleep well. Kaku lies to sleep. Its morning, Kaku prays. She calls Trupti. She says she didn’t call me to inform. Rohan gets ready and comes. Kaku says you got ready for office. Rohan says yes, there is much work. She asks him to have darshan, his work will be good. She asks Cheenu to come. Rohan prays. Kaku smiles. Cheenu comes and smiles. She says wow Kaku, this is so beautiful, did you decorate this, Rohan you remember, my gujarati friends in UD used to dance around such setup, it was called… He says garba. She says right. Kaku says you didn’t teach her, Devi maa has come to your house, you have to do this always, even if I m not here.

She says this diya is also called Garba, its like your womb carrying baby, this is Durga Maa’s womb, this diya is our lives, devi maa protects us, Garba dance also has a meaning. Cheenu asks really, what is it. Kaku says it means of life circle, someone gets born and someone dies, its a round, we also move in rounds from one place to another. Cheenu says wow, Kaku. Kaku says stay happy together, get successful. They pray.

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