Indiawaali Maa Mein 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 22nd October 2020 Episode starts with Kaku asking Rohan to win client’s trust, trust can’t be bought with money, just keep accounts. Rohan says Patel is investing in my business. Kaku says its good. Rohan leaves for work. She calls Trupti and says don’t know she went on time or not. Hasmukh says your cheating is caught today. She worries. He says you have kept fast right, I would have kept it too. She asks about handicrafts stall. He says there is still time, I m going to Shirji’s shop, Trupti said she has given your jewellery for polish, I will go and take it, then I have to go to bank. She asks why, Trupti will get it. He says it will delay a lot, our stall is set all the years, I m going for the bath now. He ends call. She calls Trupti again.

Sagar says yes Sir, we will send the samples. Rohan asks what happened. Sagar says buyer said he will contract to other supplier, what will we do now. Rohan sees the tailor. He says if this tailor also fails, then we will be stuck, what about the loan, I need to earn big money to pay back the loan. Sagar says it will happen, it will be super fast, I have many ways to earn money fast. Rohan says I trust you for everything. He hugs Sagar.

Cheenu calls for Akshay. Meenu answers and says he is in a meeting. Cheenu asks Meenu what are you doing there. Meenu disconnects. Akshay comes and asks what are you doing here. Akshay gets Cheenu’s call. She says Meenu said you are busy in meeting. He says its okay. She says Rohan is busy, I didn’t get time to discuss, I don’t want things to spoil, any way, I will discuss it tomorrow, Rohan is taking me for sonography. He says decide and let me know. Cheenu thanks him. He asks Meenu to leave, he has a meeting. Meenu leaves.

Kaku asks Cheenu to just go. She doesn’t tell anything to her. She speaks to Hasmukh. She worries and asks what will he say if he knows it. He says I was leaving, Trupti came with your jewellery. She is relieved. He says my time got saved, I will go to bank and book the stall, what were you saying. She says nothing. He says if I don’t know some matter, then tell me. She says nothing, really. He says remember Kaku, last year, you had done all the decorations of the stall, the bangles were sold a lot, some buyers had come back to ask about it. She says yes. He says I don’t feel good, I feel like I m much far from you. She cries and says I should not do this with Hasmukh, its wrong. Cheenu plays the song. She asks what happened. Kaku says I had a fight with Hasmukh. Cheenu says then I will be with you, you do the same, you are always there with us when we have a fight, how to make your mood better, teach me Garba dance. Kaku asks again. Cheenu says yes, its festive season, teach my baby. Kaku teaches her Garba. They dance. Cheenu learns more things from her. She says I will help you in cooking. Kaku says I will make sandwich for you, we will go to buy vegs, come. They leave. Kaku says we got fresh vegs in the market. She sees Patel and stops him.

The tailor makes the jacket and shows to Rohan. Kaku comes. Sagar asks her how is she. She nods. She says I spoke to Patel, you said he invested money in your business, when I spoke, he was shocked like he doesn’t know anything. Rohan sees Sagar and asks him. Sagar lies to them. He says he wants to be a silent investor. Kaku says no, he was shocked, he knows I m Rohan’s mum, I would know about his money if he invested.

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