Indiawaali Maa Mein 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 23rd October 2020 Episode starts with Rohan sending Kaku home. Cheenu calls him and asks did Kaku reach. He says you worry for her a lot. She says she is so loving and caring. He says I m coming to pick you for the sonography. She asks are you sure, I can manage. He says I will come. Sagar scolds the tailor. Rohan asks what happened. Tailor asks them to get machines for embroidery work. Sagar asks him to go if he can’t do. He says I want copy of same design. Rohan asks why, we can have some difference. Sagar says buyer said he wants exact replica. Tailor says if he said so, then something is wrong. Sagar scolds him. Rohan takes Sagar. He gets Cheenu’s call. He says sorry, there was some problem here. She says you solve it, I will manage it. He asks her to go ahead, sorry. She says no problem, take care.

Kaku comes back and sees the tailor. He asks where is Rohan. He says don’t know. She teaches him. He says if you are expert, then you do it. She says sorry. He leaves. She asks why did I say, he got angry. She sees the jacket. She sits there and makes the design. Sagar asks tailor to complete one jacket. Tailor says make anyone do it. Sagar says fine, just do it.

They take tailor back with them. They see the jacket ready. He asks who did this, we wanted this perfection. Tailor says I didn’t do this. He jokes. Kaku comes and asks where did you guys do, I was in bathroom. She says tailor came back, I was getting bored, I did it, I was telling the tailor, he got angry, I was just saying, I didn’t mean to teach anything. Rohan asks do you know embroidery. She says you forgot everything, we women used to do this work, every girl knows this work in Bhuj. Tailor says its my work, how did you touch it. Rohan says she is my mum, talk well. He asks Kaku to help him. Sagar asks tailor to leave.

He asks Kaku to make 500 pieces in 8 days. She asks what. He says its our first order. She says I m not a big designer to do it. Rohan says its okay, you go home. She says I m going now, Rohan come home. She goes. She thinks and comes back. She says I m the owner of this place, I will complete this order in 8 days. She sits on the sewing machine. Rohan smiles. Sagar welcomes her. She thanks him.

Meenu says Cheenu is pregnant, Rohan won’t permit her to join the job, I can join you. Akshay says its not possible. She says I can be your assistant and help you with work, so can I. He says no, you have to stop all this, I m Cheenu’s best friend, I like her, you focus on your studies. She gets angry. Rohan marks the date on the calender. He says we have to 500 pieces in 8 days. Sagar asks Kaku to just work fast, she has to make 60 pieces per day. Rohan says she is my mum, she isn’t a professional. Sagar says yes, but we have this work. She says I will do as you say, you are my boss here, like I used to scold you in childhood, you also teach me now. He helps her. Sagar says we will go, we have a meeting with buyer. She asks Rohan to go. She says you become my son for a min, you are working hard, don’t worry, my hands won’t stop, I will try my best to do this work, don’t worry. Rohan goes.

Cheenu comes home. Kaku calls her and asks about sonography. Cheenu says I have gone and come, everything is fine. Kaku says I m at the office, I m preparing the big order. Cheenu asks can I come to meet you. Kaku says yes, come. A man comes to give delivery. He asks her to sign. She calls Rohan and says a man has come to deliver order goods, he is asking me to sign, shall I sign. He says yes, ask him to keep the goods inside. She asks him about english or hindi sign, using black ink or blue ink. The man says its not a big thing. She says its big thing for a housewife. She signs. Sagar says you think aunty will manage it. Rohan says I know she has solution of every problem, she has some magic, tailor said he can’t do by hands, see what mum did, I used to call her superwoman in children, she will do something like always. Kaku asks the man to keep the things inside. The man says I got late. Rohan says mum doesn’t need help, she likes to do all the work herself. Kaku keeps all the goods herself. She gets knee pain. She says my knee is gone. She sits in pain. Her phone rings. She tries to get up.


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