Indiawaali Maa Mein 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 28th September 2020 Episode starts with Kaku thinking of Rohan’s words and crying. Cheenu comes there and sees her. She knocks the door and comes. Kaku wipes her tears. Cheenu says I m feeling hungry, won’t you make any food for me. Kaku asks her to come. Rohan makes calls. He says I have no time and money, you have no idea about my expenses, the shopkeeper came home and asked for payment, what will Cheenu think of me, I will lose her trust and her also.

His friend says I can help you. Rohan says you are already supporting me, luckily hospital bill was paid, Patel helped me by paying 10000rs for mum’s work. His friend says it means your mum saved you. Mrs. Hegde calls them and asks for Rohan. Rohan signs no. She insists. His friend says hold on, Rohan is here. He asks Rohan to talk, maybe she wants to make an investment. Rohan takes the phone. He asks what can I do for you. She says I called for your mum, I have a party at my home, I can pay her 15000rs for the food, I will call you back, tell me your answer. Cheenu says I think I should do some job. Kaku says you have to fulfill your job as a mother, find job later.

Cheenu asks don’t you have any problem when Rohan talks to you rudely. Kaku says I had a special mannat today. Rohan’s friend says you are thinking, say yes, you will get money easily, your ration man bill will be paid. Rohan says its not right, she is my mum, how can I make her a cook in someone’s house. Kaku says I had a special prayer today.

Cheenu says thanks, you are doing this for me. Kaku says I will go and see. She makes her do the ritual. She says hold the idol for an hour, take care, its for her child. She goes. Cheenu smiles. Kaku says I will go and come. She leaves. She goes out and talks to the watchman. She asks him about his friends. He says they are good. Cheenu feels tired holding the idol. Watchman talks to Kaku. She asks him to keep a helper, that too a guy, else he will have another love story. She sees the time and says I m going now. She comes back home and sees Cheenu holding the idol. She says sorry, I didn’t get the things. She says your hand was aching, you should have kept the idol down. Cheenu says I can do this for my child. Kaku says say it again.

Cheenu tells it. Kaku says you can do it and I can do it too, you can do anything for your baby, it was not any tapasya, but you have done it for your child, he will be your responsibility, you would be able to leave your child, Krishna gives us courage. She encourages Cheenu. Rohan’s friend says she is your mum, its her work, if she cooks well, she can cook there, what’s the big deal, you will get the money, what do you want. He gets a call. He recalls Cheenu’s words. Kaku says what does a mum want, that her child takes care of her and shows some respect towards her. Rohan says okay Mr.s Hegde, mum will come there, but 15000rs is a less amount, 25000 should be fine. She says no, well I can pay 20000rs maximum. He says okay. She says your mum has to do kitchen cleaning as well. Rohan says fine. She says my guests are high profile, everything should be perfect. He says don’t worry, she will come on time. He asks how will I tell mum. His friend says its right, don’t stress. He tells something to Rohan.

Rohan comes home. Kaku says I have made your fav dish today. Rohan hugs her and says I m sorry. Cheenu looks on. Rohan says sorry to talk to you badly. Cheenu smiles and goes. He reminds the childhood incident. She says every mum does that for a child, I will always protect you. He says I need your help. She asks him is everything fine. She gets happy to hear good things from him. She says you said all this, I m very happy, I liked it. He says my friend is fan of your cooking, he was saying that his mum kept a house party at home, its my responsibility, you can help his mum, but I refused. She says I can do. He asks can you cook food at anyone’s house. She says I can go there, why did you refuse. He asks are you sure.

She says yes, I will go, the guests will be rich, you can get investors, let me go, its fix, I will go, tell your friend. Rohan drops Kaku to Mrs. Hegde’s house. Kaku says you didn’t tell me about the rich people. I would have worn a designer saree. He says don’t talk of investors today, call me and I will come to pick you. She says fine, come with me for some time. He says its ladies party, my friend isn’t at home, I will go now. He leaves.

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