Indiawaali Maa Mein 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 30th September 2020 Episode starts with Mrs. Hegde asking Kaku to work, else she won’t get the payment. Vasudha sends the video to her husband. He gets shocked seeing the video. Kaku cries and washes the utensils. Vasudha comes to taunt her. She says Cheenu is living with you, you have to support her, Rohan’s reputation is bad, he doesn’t do work and wants full payment, I will help you. Kaku stops her and says don’t worry for Rohan, I will do all the work as he said. Vasudha says Rohan has made you a costly maid here, there is something lacking in your upbringing, I will never forget this party. She goes. Kaku cries and finishes all the work. She gets Rohan’s call. She answers the call. Mai to maa hoon….plays…. He says I m waiting outside, if you got free. Kaku says fine. She apologizes to Mrs. Hegde. She says I didn’t know anything, I started playing with your friends, sorry, I have cleaned the kitchen, see it once. Mrs. Hegde says its okay, I can understand the problem, your son…. Kaku cries and leaves.

She sees Rohan taking the payment. She gets shocked and cries. She goes away. He says fine, my mum would be coming now. Kaku thinks of everything and walks on the road. The man asks her to see and walk, does she want to die. She gets worried. The man says your mum already left. Rohan calls her. She doesn’t answer. He asks the watchman about Kaku. The watchman says who, that maid. Rohan asks how can you say that. The watchman says I will call her maid if she does work here, she left by other gate. Rohan says how did she go.

Rohan looks for her. Kaku hears a guy talking on his phone. She asks where does your mum stay. He says Chandigarh. She asks how far is it. He asks why. He says what happens when you change the city, what did you tell your mum, you are busy, what are you doing here, tell me, you are having chaat with friends, don’t you value your parents, we also have respect, we are not trash. Rohan calls Cheenu and asks all good, what are you doing. Cheenu says I m alone, I m reading a magazine, don’t worry. Kaku says you have reached this place because of your parents, don’t forget this, you think parents have work to interfere in your personal work, one day, if God calls, then you will know everything.

Rohan sees her on the road. He hears her scolding the man. The man asks her to stop it now. He says don’t vent anger of your son on me, spare me. Rohan asks what are you doing here. The man says something is wrong with this woman. Rohan says mind your language, she is my mum. He takes Kaku with her. Rohan asks how did you come alone, I was waiting for you, sit in the car.

She asks do you have to say something. He says no, don’t tell Cheenu that you went to help, she is sensitive, she finds it strange. She asks won’t I feel strange. He asks why would you feel strange, you said you will help in cooking. Cheenu talks to Meenu. Meenu says dad is worried for the company, just come for the meeting. Cheenu says he doesn’t care for me. Meenu says you are selfish, its because of Rohan’s mess, you don’t care about your share, I care for my money, better be there tomorrow. She disconnects. Rohan asks what happened. He gets a call. The man says I want the office rent, your partner isn’t answering. Rohan says no, I went to bank, I couldn’t withdraw money. The man says I need my money, keep it ready.

Kaku says listen… Rohan says we will talk later, sit in the car. She says I need to talk now. He asks her to just sit. Cheenu checks the door. A man comes to ask for Rohan. Cheenu says he isn’t at home, come later. The man says your drama started again. Rohan and Kaku come home. Rohan asks the man not to talk much. He gives him money. The man checks the money. Cheenu smiles. Kaku looks on.


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