Indiawaali Maa Mein 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Indiawaali Maa Mein 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 9th October 2020 Episode starts with Cheenu asking did you know she is here. Rohan says yes, I asked her to go home. She asks why, what’s the need, you are here to take care of her, she said she is going to meet her friend. He says we can’t talk here, there are many people here, we will go home and talk. She says why is she doing this, if there was some problem, we would have sorted this, is there any problem. Bua says you love birds can talk later, come with me, you have to come for traditional engagement ceremony, it would have been good if Rohan’s parents were here. Vasudha and Vishwa come to Kaku. Vasudha scolds her. Appa/Vishwa says you know it now, just go fast, you want to get us insulted. Rohan comes to help Kaku. She cries and holds his hand.

Kaku says tell them, I didn’t come to insult them, we made a mistake, they are asking me to leave. Rohan asks why didn’t you go, we had a talk. She says Chandraprabha called. He says you should have thought of Cheenu. He says I m sorry on my mum’s behalf. Kaku looks at him. Vishwa says you are also equally responsible for all this nonsense, what to do now, its about my respect, I have made announcement, send your mum quickly. Vasudha and Vishwa leave. Rohan asks Kaku to go before anyone else knows, the cab is waiting outside. She says you listen to me, Chandraprabha called, you didn’t pay the bank, the police is finding you. He says you can’t spoil everything, Mr. Murthy made me part of his family, don’t help me, cab is waiting. Bua says Rohan, its fine if your mum can’t come for rituals, I will do it instead her. Kaku cries.

Meenu says Rohan’s mum came for cooking at Patel’s house also. Cheenu asks what, it means Appa and Vasu knew it. Meenu says don’t create a scene here now. Vishwa says I didn’t know this would happen. Cheenu says you never failed to surprise me, I always make a mistake to trust you always, you made sure Rohan and I come in this puja, you insulted Kaku. He asks what are you saying, I had no idea about your Kaku. She says you think I will trust you. He shouts stop it. Everyone looks on. He takes Cheenu with him. He says you lost your mind, you blame me for always, you want to hear the truth, I accepted you and Rohan, I wanted to make it normal, but the truth isn’t normal, you know who sent Kaku for cooking here, her own son, Rohan. Cheenu gets shocked. Vasudha says he is right, Rohan made his mum work to earn money, not only cooking, also cleaning, who does this with his mum, tell me. Cheenu gets dizzy. Vishwa says I always told you that Kaku and Rohan just gave you tension, you don’t understand, if anyone knows that the cook is Rohan’s mum, what would people think. Vasudha says it happened because of Rohan, he should have at least spared your aunt’s house.

Bua calls Cheenu. Cheenu comes and sits with Rohan. The lady stops Kaku from leaving. Kaku says I m going home, cab has come, I m not well. The lady says madam has called you to talk. She takes Kaku. Bua asks Cheenu to give her hand to Rohan. Bua does the rituals. She says girl and guy’s parents give gifts and blessings, but there is no one from the guy’s side today, so…. She sees Kaku and says wait, she is the one…. Rohan and everyone see Kaku. Bua says I mean technology, just make a video call to your dad, he will attend the function and bless you. Vishwa says no, his dad isn’t fine, his mum stays busy in taking care of him, its not good to disturb them right now, lets start. Kaku says nothing happened to his health, he is fine. Bua asks did you say something. She gives the gifts to Cheenu.

Kaku sees the rituals and cries. Bua says stop. She wards off the bad sight and takes some money to give to Kaku. Bua says you don’t go soon, you made such tasty food, everyone asked who cooked the food, come and meet everyone. Kaku says I have to go. Bua says she has made the tasty food for us. The guests say very nice food. Kaku thanks everyone. She says thanks, I will go now, I have more work. Bua says so much hard work is not fair, guys she is good at cooking, she needs money, so she agreed for serving and cleaning, please help her, she is needy. Rohan looks on silently. Kaku says no need to do this. Bua says what’s the need to be shy, she deserves it. Cheenu feels bad. Bua asks her to take the tray. She says everyone will give you tip in this. The people put some money. Cheenu looks at Rohan. She shouts stop it…. Kaku sees her.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Cheenu asks don’t you find Rohan’s behavior wrong. Kaku says when a kid gets hurt and falls, a mum sees his wound more than her esteem.


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