Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Pari insists Srivastav family to take a decision and sign consent form as there is no other way than operating Nisha. Kusum asks what is she telling. Yogi signals consent form and signals to operate Nisha now. Kusum shouts why did he do that, what will they say Kabir. Pari tells Kabir that he took a mature decision and Gunjan made him and he is taking wise decisions. Gunjan thanks Pari for supporting her family. Pari shatters hearing Gunjan’s family and asks if she is an outsider. Gunjan says she didn’t mean that.

Kusum and Vivek insist Yogi to take Gunjan home, and they leave. Gynecologist walks out after surgery. Family asks how is Nisha and baby. Gynecologist informs that she couldn’t save baby, but Nisha is fine and will be out of anesthesia in sometime. Family shatters hearing that. Kabir returns and asks where is Nisha. Family sends him to Nisha’s room. He walks to Nisha and excitedly asks where is baby. Nisha says she is shattered completely, their baby is gone. Kabir stands shocked hearing that. Vivek and Rani console him and send him him home to freshen up.

Back home, Gunjan over video calls informs Seema about Nisha’s condition. Shiv returns home and informs her that he had been to hospital after Prakash called him. Seema asks how is Nisha and baby. Shiv informs that Nisha lost her baby. Seema shatters hearing that and says just yesterday they were all so happy. Shiv says they can’t stop unfortunate events.

In the hospital, Prakash gets heart palpitations and his condition gets worsened. Pari attends him and along with other family members take him home. Kabir asks who is with Nisha. Kusum says Bablu and Surjith as Prakash’s condition worsened and they had to bring him home. Kabir shouts if Bablu and Surjith are family members, pushes Yogi down and shouts who gave him permission to sign consent form, what if this would have happened to Gunjan. Kusum warns him to behave with his brother. Kabir then blames Pari for Nisha’s condition and asks why family didn’t take Nisha to a specialist, they would have taken money from them. Pari says Nisha’s condition was critical and they had to sacrifice baby to save Nisha. Kabir continues blaming Pari and shouts at her to get out. Pari walks towards door when Kabir stops her.


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Seema tells Shiv that whatever happened today at Srivastav house, she is worried for Gunjan and will bring her home. Pari asks Yogi not to leave family at any cost, not even for her, and hugs him. Gunjan watches that.


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