Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 1st November 2019 Episode Start With Pari says I love bursting crackers since childhood. I used to burst innumerable crackers alone but I will return it. Don’t fight amongst yourselves because of me. They agree to celebrate Diwali together. Pari says I have been treating specially-abled patients in the hospital after meeting Yogi. I decided to celebrate Diwali with my family this time. Everyone stresses on the word “my” in amazement. Dada ji says Pari has become a part of our family now. A guest who stays with a family for 2 days becomes a member on its own. Pari apologizes to Prakash who apologizes to his family in his own rude style. His nephew hugs him. Yogi says this will be our best family. Pari is also a part of our family. Everyone repeats his gesture happily. Prakash goes to try his kurta. Yogi smiles at Pari.She tells him not to stare at her. I have a lot to do. Move aside. She heads to her room. Yogi is smiling.

Gunjan’s father asks his wife if he saw the gift Chauhan has sent for Gunjan. He sent it before me. It’s huge. Seema walks away. He asks her why she has a problem in accepting Roshan when Gunjan has accepted him. You saw what Yogi did. Seema says it isn’t about Yogi. It is about Gunjan and Roshan. I will take my time. Yash says she has started to accept Roshan already. She calls it his misunderstanding. He says you have a negative perception towards Chauhan and Roshan already but time will change it. She asks him if he called Chauhan to thank him. Shiv nods.

Everyone compliments Kabir’s choice. Nisha says I have been on video call with him since 2 hours. I chose everything! Yogi’s sister tells Kabir she is withdrawing the credit she had given him earlier. He asks her what about the fact that he brought everything home. She hugs him. Kabir asks them if Rani liked her saree. I can exchange it if she wont like. Kabir eats sugar. Rani tells him not to eat so much sugar. It wont be good for your health. He teases her cutely. She thanks him for clearing her loan. Thanks Bhai. He tells her that it is their problem. She agrees to repay it soon. He tells her to stop crying. There is salt in tears and I like sugar. She smiles. He hugs her.

Shiv speaks to Chauhan on speaker. Seema is right there. Chauhan acts modest on call. I couldn’t control myself as I am Gunjan’s FIL after all. Yash says it is beautiful but very expensive. Chauhan says no amount of money is greater in front of my DIL. I also want to thank you for one more thing. Roshan got his offer letter yesterday. I am very happy for him. Can Roshan take Gunjan out on a date? It will help them know each other better. Seema isn’t happy with the idea but Yash invites Chauhan over for Diwali puja. Both the families will celebrate it together.

Roshan asks his father if he has to take Gunjan out on shopping. Chauhan says we got the permission already. Let’s do it. We will burst the crackers tomorrow but the noise will be heard later.

Yogi has draped a saree and is doing mimicry. Rani takes her saree from him. Yogi flirts with Rani. Yogi’s mother asks him if someone tries to elope with his Bhabhi. Vivek tells Yogi to take her. I will be finally at peace. Rani chases him around the room. Vivek’s sister says he even calls you fat these days Bhabhi. Rani makes a face. Yogi’s mother says everyone got new clothes and crackers but Pari has no new clothes. Nisha asks Kabir to bring it. Kabir gives money to Yogi. I might get late while returning from office tomorrow. Bring something for Pari. Rani seconds Kabir. You will practise this way. Vivek’s choice is very bad anyways. Vivek says yes, that’s why I chose you. Everyone laughs seeing them happily fighting.

Pari is crying thinking about her mother’s words. Yogi asks her why she is crying. She calls it tears of happiness. He shares that everyone loved the crackers. No one knows that you look like Patakha. She asks him if he is flirting with her. Shall I tell your mom? He asks her if she isn’t going home on Diwali. She replies that they celebrate Durga puja grandly than people celebrate Diwali here. You know nothing about Durga puja? Shame on you! He asks her about Durga puja. She tells him everything. She picks up two small pots and shows him dhunachi dance. She asks him to join her. He gladly dances with her holding one pot. Pari stops upon noticing him thus and smiles. Her friend’s words echo in her head. She sits down quietly. Yogi sits next to her in concern. She says I would have missed a family if there was one. In reality I don’t really have a family. He asks her what she said. She dismisses it.

Yogi’s mother comes there. She asks Pari if Yogi is troubling her. Tell me if that’s true. Pari says he never understands me. Yogi’s mother says you have started understanding us very well. I got your favourite Bengali sweet for you. Pari gets tempted. I felt like eating Chamcham today. Thank you! She hugs her. Yogi’s mother says we should be the one thanking you. These brothers will pester us by bursting all the crackers now! Yogi and Pari show dhunachi dance to his mother. Pari says I was telling him what we do in Durga puja. Yogi’s mother tells her not to make her son Bengali. Everyone smiles. She asks Pari to come downstairs for dinner. Yogi bursts numerous crackers on Diwali as he cannot hear all that noise. Pari smiles.


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Roshan and Chauhan speak of crackers on Diwali. Gunjan’s hand gets burnt from diya. Pari treats her burn. Yogi walks in just then. He notices Gunjan’s burn but shows the watch to Pari. She replies that she was coming after attending to Gunjan. Gunjan looks at him in shock.


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