Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Pari’s parents ask if she doesn’t want to accompany them because of Yogi, if she is really in a relationship with her. Pari cries that they are thinking wrong, Yogi doesn’t even look at her. Mother says they trust her and knew she wouldn’t do anything wrong, is she ready to accompany them to Jaipur. She says they can go to Jaipur, she will join them at Kolkota directly. They agree. Prakash walks into kitchen and asks Kusum what are they preparing. Nisha says chole bhature. Prakash asks if they will feed Delhi food to Bengalis. Kusum says yes, let them taste Delhi food. Prakash asks if she will feed him Bengali fish dish then. Kusum says he will taunt her for years. Prakash calms down and asks to prepare dinner for Pari’s parents as he feels Pari as family member now. Kusum claps for him and says he is right. Pari informs her parents that she got attached to Srivastav family and their house and got a love which her mother couldn’t. Mother gets angry. Father calms her down and says let us go.

Kusum calls Pari’s parents for dinner. They say they need to go. Kusum asks if they are so angry regarding Yogi and Pari’s prank and assures that there is nothing between Yogi and Pari and they are just friends. Pari’s mother says it can’t be at all as Yogi is dumb and deaf and cannot even match Pari. Kusum walks away hearing that. Pari scolds her mother for her misbehavior and running behind Kusum apologizes her for her mother’s misbehavior. Kusum says her mother is right and now she doesn’t feel bad at all. Daadi backs her. Yogi walks to them and signals what did Pari’s mother say. Kusum says nothing. Pari says her mother said bad about Yogi, so she is returning back to Kolkota to not make matters worse. Bablu and Surjith walk in and asks why she is going when she___ Yogi… Kusum asks what does they mean. Bablu says he sacrificed for Yogi. Surjith tries to speak, but Yogi stops him.

Roshan informs Chauhan that Shiv is enquiring about their pandit and he needs to handle him. Chauhan asks him not to worry about Shiv and asks if he passed their highway tender. Roshan says he did, though Shiv was angry on him for passing it without his permission. Chauhan says once they get 3-4 more tenders, they will get rid of Shiv and Gunjan. Roshan says he cannot tolerate Gunjan anymore. Gunjan reminisces Roshan shouting at her and acting in front of Shiv and Seema. Seema and Shiv asks her what happened at Chavdi bazaar. Gunjan signals that Shiv sacrificed her for Roshan. Shiv asks what does she mean, and Seema says she felt Roshan was lying. Shiv insists her to tell what happen as she is most important to them and he will cancel her and Roshan’s alliance if Roshan is wrong. Gunjan changes topic and says she will prepare biryani for them. Shiv smiles, and she leaves. Shiv then tells Seema that Roshan’s behavior is odd at office, he is passing wrong people’s tenders without his permission and was not his self, even Chauhan was behaving rudely, something is wrong.

Surjith and Bablu insist Yogi to stop Pari from going to Kolkota. Yogi asks why should he. Bablu says Pari loves him and he should not let her go. Pari’s mother apologizes Kusum for speaking wrong about Yogi. Rani asks what did she say. Kusum says nothing. Father says they are going to their hotel as it is near to airport. Prakash asks what is hotel’s fair. Father says 10-12000 rs. Prakash gets nervous hearing that. Vivek says it is an usual hotel rate and he shouldn’t bother. Father says theyw ill not return as Pari will stay with them in Kolkota from hereon. Bablu and Surjith ask Yogi to speak. Nisha gets drowsy and collapses. Family rushes to her and get her water. Daadi asks if she is fine. Nisha nervously says that… Daadi realizes and signals Kusum. Kusum asks if she is becoming grandma. Nishna shyingly signals yes. Kusum loudly informs Prakash and Dadaji that they are becoming grandpa and greatgrandpa. They all get happy hearing that while Kabir gets tensed.


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Bablu and Surjith insist Yogi to express his love for Pari and stop her. Chauhan tells Shiv that he is not running away, Shiv warns that he doesn’t know him well. Chauhan asks if he is warning him openly.


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