Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Yogi kneels down and proposes Pari. Pari asks him to repeat. He repeats and fixes engagement ring in her finger. Tu Nazm Nazm Sa…song.. plays in the background. She hugs him and he shies. Prakash seeing him asks if he didn’t sleep yet, he has to pick 2 speakers from Karol Bagh. He signals okay while Pari hides. Pari nervously says bye good night, kisses his cheek and runs to her room shyingly. They both lie on their beds immersed in each other’s thoughts. Pehla Nisha Pehla Khumar…song…plays in the background.

They both reminisce their earlier meetings where Pari tries to get closer to him. Pari walks to living dancing. Yogi showers water on her and she looks at him. Dadaji comes and Yogi hides. Dadaji asks Pari if she is counting stars. Pari gets alert and nervous. Dadaji says even he tried to count stars once on Daadi’s challenge, he counted 1.5 lakh stars and then Daadi shook his head like he shook her head. Pari nervously says good night and runs to her room. Dadaji returns to his room and says Pari has fallen in love. Daadi says she knows from before as Yogi and Pari have got so close to each other that Yogi got sad when he heard Pari is leaving and even Pari doesn’t want to go, let us see what is in their fate.

Next morning, Pari walks to Yogi’s room and tries to wake him up. Yogi pulls her on bed and gets romantic. Vivek walks in calling Yogi. Pari nervously hides under bed. Vivek asks Yogi what is he doing. Yogi signals he is doing yoga. Vivek laughs and asks him to come and speak to papa as he is disturbing. Yogi signal okay. Vivek says Pari had come up and maa is calling her. Yogi signals that she must have gone to his room. Vivek asks is it and leaves. Pari comes out and tries to leave. He signals her to kiss him. She kisses his cheek and runs away shyingly.

Yogi walks for breakfast. Kusum scolds him. Vivek taunts shehzada Saleem came. Pari walks in next. Vivek says Anarkali came. Pari nervously asks what… Dadaji says he used to call Daadi as Anarkali until she was young. Daadi says even he is old now. Dadaji says that is why he doesn’t consider himself as Saleem. Nisha asks why are they referring Saleem and Anarkali. Rani says Vivek is performing new play in his radio channel. Dadaji asks to take him as Saleem as his voice is still young. Everyone laugh. After everyone leave, Rani asks Yogi if he proposed Pari. He shyingly says yes.

Rani jumps in happiness. Vivek scolds him that being his brother, he informs Rani first and happily hugs him. Rani says he has to inform family about this and handle family. Vivek agrees. Yogi signals that he is taking Pari for a date. They all 3 return to dining area. Kusum says Pari is not going to hospital today. Rani says her friend’s mother is ill and is reaching hospital, doesn’t she remember date. Pari realizes and says yes… Daadi asks if she doesn’t want go. Pari says yes. Yogi smiles. Dadaji asks why is he smiling. Yogi taunts Pari and Pari acting as scolding Yogi runs behind him. They walk aside and Pari tells she will come on a date with him while Neha will handle her duty in hospital.


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Bablu asks Yogi if he is planning to gift swimming costume to Pari. Chauhan tells Shiv that his daughter cannot live happily with fraud’s son, so he is breaking his son and Shiv’s daughter’s alliance.


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