Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th November 2019 Episode Start With All the ladies are discussing the food menu. They ask Pari what she wants. We don’t like Rasgulla. Pari says not every Bengali likes Rasgulla. During Durga puja bhog all the ladies make it together. Nothing like family cooking everything together! They all decide duties and menu. Pari and Rani hi-five. Khushi insists upon ordering something but they tell her against it. Prakash asks for list. I have spoken to the vendor. The ladies tell him their latest decision.

Prakash rues that his plan has been foiled. Let me do something of my choice this time. His wife asks him if he is competing with his kids to show his contribution. Prakash denies but his mother says we know you since years. Pari tells Prakash that Kabir is able to stand on his feet today because of you. I did it because of the love I received from you. You changed my mind completely about life. Other girls second Pari. Prakash says now it has become all the more difficult for me to wear that expensive kurta. Everyone smiles. Pari excuses herself to finalise her dress for Diwali.

Gautam is writing the addresses on the cards. He is irked but Shiv tells him to keep writing. Next name is Prakash Sinha. Gautam asks him if it isn’t Prakash Srivastava. Shiv asks Seema if she wants to invite someone. She replies that she does not make friends so quickly. Gunjan refuses to go out with Roshan. Shiv tells his family to stop this nonsense. I will say no for tonight but this cannot continue like this. His wife offers to talk to Gunjan. Shiv tells the next name. Gunjan walks away in a huff. Shiv tries to go after her but his wife tells him to let her talk to Gunjan. She wont be able to open up to you. Your Samdhi would be Pradeen Chauhan and not Prakash Shrivastava. I hope you are writing it correctly. He does not realise that he has indeed written Prakash Shrivastava in the list.

Pari is unable to find a nice dress when Yogi closes the door from inside. She is hesitant but he gives the lehenga to her. She asks him who gave it. Has Kabir Bhaiya brought it? Yogi pats his head. She asks him if he brought it. Are you serious? This is so beautiful! How do you know about my choice? He replies about observation. She says it isn’t a harm to look at beautiful girl and observe them. He says a guy was buying it for his girlfriend. The girl rejected it so I got it for you! She is about to retort when she hears Prakash shouting. She signals Yogi about it.

Prakash shows the gift to his family. He even scolds the guy who has brought it. Pari tells Yogi about Diwali gift. Prakash is furious and so are other family members. Kusum tells her FIL not to scold the servant. They return the gift. Prakash says he wants to show us down. I wont stop myself today! Kusum tells him against it but Rani and Pari tell him to scold them. The servant turns to go but Prakash tells him to stay put.

Shiv picks Prakash’s call. Prakash starts scolding him. What do you really want? Shiv wishes him Happy Diwali hesitantly. Prakash tells him to go to hell. How dare you send me a gift? Are you trying to show off your wealth? Why did you send it to me? We don’t share any relation! Prakash’s father takes the phone. Shiv greets him. Prakash’s father tells him that they live in a locality where every single person knows how to live a relation. We get enough gifts of love every day from everyone. We don’t need your gift! Prakash says I have kept the gift of your cheating alive with me. I don’t need your gift or your fake sympathy! He tells the servant to throw this gift on Shiv’s face. He ends the call angrily. Shiv throws the phone on the floor. That idiot went to deliver the gift to Prakash! Seema asks him about the list. Shiv cross-checks the list and tears it upon realising his mistake. Seema tells him to calm down. Shiv is in disbelief. Bau ji and Prakash hate me this much? I dint do anything wrong. It was a gift in the end. He could have returned it if he wanted to! What does he really want to prove? He should forget it and move on! Seema reasons that even he couldn’t forget his friend. You wrote his name accidentally. You were the one who made this list after all. Don’t forget to send gift to your Samdhi now.

Kusum tells her husband to forget the matter. Let’s eat together. His mother seconds her. Prakash says they would have understood now that we wont let anyone mess with us. Pari tells them to let it be. Why should we spoil our Diwali because of someone else? Vivek and Kabir have gone to bring lights. Prakash’s father tells Prakash not to think too much. Even Yogi tells him to let bygones be bygones. Don’t take so much pressure on yourself. Prakash says you went through a lot because of me. Yogi gestures that he is strong. He feeds a full laddoo to his father and passes the tray to his Bhabhi’s. Rani, Khushi, Nisha and Pari feed him laddoos forcibly too. Prakash looks at them in awe.

Chauhan reads Shiv’s card. He shows the gift to Roshan. He laughs evilly. Shiv has made us dance on his tunes till date! Flashback shows Shiv rejecting Roshan many times in the past and had ignored the bribe as well. Seema’s slap flashes in front of Chauhan’s eyes. This time I am making Shiv dance on my tunes. Roshan asks him why they have to get into all this. Gunjan is not at all interested in me. She is completely into him (Yogi). I have to request her! Chauhan says how it matters. We will win eventually. Roshan says we have won already but Chauhan says the time is not up yet. Roshan says why I should chase that girl anymore now. I don’t even feel like going there on Diwali. Chauhan advise shim to be a part of the enemy’s happiness or pain.


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Chauhan and Roshan are at Shiv’s house. Gunjan’s dupatta catches fire. Pari has to rush to hospital.


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