Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Yogi helps Vivek put decorations. Khushi compliments them for being there for each other. Vivek asks Yogi to switch places. Yogi heads inside without noticing him. Vivek falls down.

Nisha asks Pari to help her draw the rangoli. Khushi and Rani remind her that she was supposed to help them in lighting diyas and cooking. Pari is excited to do everything. Everyone smiles.

Kusum asks Yogi to eat something. Vivek says even I am working since morning but you dint ask me. Kusum asks him to come as well. Yogi and Vivek sit next to Kusum. She tells Rani to give them kachori’s but Yogi makes her take a bite of samosa. Khushi and Pari are lighting diya’s. Rani tells Nisha to make rangoli. Pari is so occupied. Prakash chases Yogi. There is so much repair work to be done at shop. I wont spare him if it does not complete before Diwali. Vivek takes the hathodi from him. Prakash tells him he has borrowed it. Keep it safe. He asks Yogi to clean the shop. I have to do puja. Pari seconds him. Yogi tells her ot be quiet but Pari offers to help Prakash. Nisha stops her. Help us. Rani adds that Yogi was headed to the shop but Vivek stopped him. Prakash taunts him cutely but his father makes him sit down. You haven’t bathed since morning. Go! Yogi’s friends come just then. Prakash tells them to go to shop with Yogi and help him but Kusum asks them to have food first. Pari says it was made upon my request. Bablu teases her. Vivek tells him not to act cheesy here. Leave if you are done.

Pari receives a call from hospital. She makes a face. Nisha says you were going to help us. Pari says very few doctors have come today. I have been asked to come as I am Bengali. There is an operation. Yogi says it is Diwali. Pari is bound by duty. They understand her responsibility and excuse themselves. Bablu says we should also leave as Pari has left. His friend says let’s go to the shop. Bablu says you don’t understand. He offers to accompany Pari. I will bring Pari on time. He winks at Yogi who smiles in return. Pari leaves with Bablu.

Khushi asks Yogi if he is fine. I heard what happened in the market. You have closed the chapter completely! I am glad with your decision. Everyone is broken from inside since the alliance broke. Now Gunjan will think about it. She dint do the right thing with you or with any of us. He wipes her tears and makes her sit. I have to speak to Ma. She asks him about it. He says I will enjoy Diwali with my wife in the next Diwali. She asks him about Pari. He calls her crazy. Khushi seconds him. I am happy as you thought about moving ahead in life. He hugs her but his smile disappears.

Bablu keeps staring at Pari while she is working. What are you looking at? He says whatever you are writing. Do you need help? She replies that she has to prepare the reports before doctors come and I am writing prescriptions. Will you? Bablu notices that her hair is troubling her. Nurse asks Pari to complete all the files. Bablu says you have so much to do. Don’t you think you would need someone to share your work load? I will do everything. She says I cannot afford a servant. Bablu tries to explain his stance but nurse asks Pari to come for an operation. Pari tells Bablu to wait in the cafe or head home but he offers to wait.

Khushi is lighting diya’s. All the ladies are having a gala time pulling each other’s legs. Bablu’s father comes joins the ladies in their joke but Prakash taunts him back. Prakash’s FIL supports them. Prakash keeps returning on the topic. Khushi says Papa is stuck. Bablu’s father gives them crackers. They ask Yogi to call Pari. Pari does not pick her video call. Vivek tells Surjeet to call Bablu. Bablu’s father panics upon knowing it. I think he is getting out of my hand! Take care of your Pari. They argue cutely over it. Surjeet calls Bablu who tells them that Pari is doing an operation. They show him both the families bickering in the background. Bablu still wants to wait but Yogi tells him to come over in another half an hour. We will burst crackers together. Bablu gets tempted. I will be home asap.

Shrivastava family finally tells Bablu’s father that they were pulling his leg. Yogi tells them that Pari is busy in operation so they start the puja.

Gunjan is thinking of what had happened in the market. Roshan distracts her and tells her his how fond he has been of crackers since childhood. Shiv is thinking about his argument with Prakash on the call earlier in the day. Chauhan talks about Diwali but finds Shiv lost in thoughts. Shiv sends the servant to check upstairs if everything is ready. Chauhan says we will burst crackers together. Seema says you are too excited about crackers. He nods. We haven’t really celebrated since my wife died. He compliments the food. Seema says I have ordered it from outside. Chauhan says you must have ordered from the best place for your SIL. The kids seem to have come close. Shiv thanks him for accepting Gunjan. Chauhan says she is absolutely perfect. Don’t be sorry or thank me. I am just a little loud by nature. Hope you like Roshan? Seema nods. Chauhan asks Roshan to sit with his in-laws. Roshan says I will teach Gunjan how to light a rocket. Chauhan says he keeps taking her name all the time. Gautam tells Shiv that everything is ready. Shiv agrees to come. Roshan is excited. I cannot wait to burst crackers on Diwali. Chauhan seconds him. I love crackers! Roshan shouts at Gunjan to warn her to be careful from the diya. Everyone looks in Gunjan’s direction. Her dupatta has caught fire already.


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Yogi reaches hospital to take Pari home but notices her treating Gunjan. Yogi and Gunjan look at each other.


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