Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th May 2021 Episode starts with Mayank getting Ahaan’s messages and calls. He answers and says I m making the payments and come. Ahaan asks him to come fast, you know Ishqi’s state. Mayank says you handle her. Ahaan asks are you coming or shall I come to take you. Mayank says wait, I m coming. He says my plan failed because of Ishqi, don’t know Ahaan has seen me or not, but I can’t take risk, but I will use this chance. He takes Sonu’s pics. He covers her and goes. Savitri goes to see the girl. She hears Sarla and worries.

Mayank comes to Ishqi. Sarla scolds him. Mayank says sorry, I will drop Ishqi to her room. Rhea says I will drop Sarla to her room. She goes. Mayank says Ahaan, trust me, I m here to take care of Ishqi. He takes her. Ishqi stumbles. Ahaan holds her and asks Mayank to be careful. She smiles seeing him. Ahaan says I will also come along. He makes Ishqi rest on the bed. Ahaan asks where were you, your fiancee is drunk, what’s wrong, what if anyone took an advantage of her. Mayank says I m worried. Ahaan says if you cared, then she would have not got drunk. Mayank says I went to make payment. Ahaan asks is it imp to pay bills or take care of her. Mayank says sorry, Sarla will insult poor Ishqi now. He says really sorry Ishqi, I should have been there with you. He thanks Ahaan for taking care of her. Ahaan says I know you were busy, but she should be your priority. Mayank says sorry, I couldn’t become like you, you have always fulfilled your responsibilities, I m a loser. Ahaan says its okay, just look after her. Rhea comes and says I dropped Sarla to her room. Ahaan says I will leave now. Ishqi holds Ahaan’s hand and says please stay. Mahiya…plays…

Rhea says aw, Mayank, Ishqi doesn’t want you to leave, be with her. Mayank says okay. Ahaan leaves. Mayank scolds Ishqi. He says you are a social embarrassment. He goes. She says why are you so bitter, why is Ahaan so sweet, I think my fate doesn’t have love. Ahaan says Rhea, Ishqi’s state was bad, so… Rhea says I trust you, no need to say anything, take rest, we will meet tomorrow. She goes to her room. Mayank says stupid Ishqi, I had to hear Ahaan’s lecture, Sonu also got saved, she is still in my hands. Ahaan takes a bath. He recalls Ishqi’s words. He thinks I have to stop thinking about her, she is marrying my best friend, I know how a third person ruins a family, I won’t do what my mum had done, someone was there in her life, it ruined our family. Mayank looks for the keycard. He says I forgot it inside, what shall I do now, shall I get the master card. Kartik sees him and asks what are you doing here, your room is on the upper floor. Mayank says really, I was confused. Kartik says thank God, I m here to show you the right path, come. Mayank leaves.

Its morning, Ishqi wakes up. Kartik argues with Dadi. Dadi says I will beat you now, go and make arrangements. Ahaan looks for Ishqi. Dadi asks when will Suman come. Chachi says she will come. Raj asks Ahaan did you see Sonu, I didn’t see her anywhere. Ishqi says my head is spinning, I just had juice. She collides with Ahaan. He asks how are you feeling now, you were high last night. She says I don’t drink, no one offered me a drink, how did this happen. He asks don’t you remember anything. She asks what happened last night. He says nothing, Sarla had seen you drunk, you told her a lot. She says its fine, I will say sorry, I want to know what did I drink, I just had juice, it means someone spiked the juice, but who did this. He says its okay. She says I will not leave the man who spiked the drink, I will ask Mayank if his friend did this. Ahaan says think and speak, else you can regret later. She stumbles. He holds her. Chale na zor ishq pe….plays….

She recalls the night. She gets away. She goes. Mahiya….plays… She thinks did this really happen, or did I dream, how to find out what happened last night. Dadi asks is Sonu still sleeping, Sarla will come and create a scene. Raj says relax, she will take time to get ready. Dadi says I heard Ishqi created a drama. He says no, she was sweet.

She says its wrong if a girl parties before her marriage, who will take a responsibility if anything happens wrong. Sonu wakes up and looks around. She says where am I, its not my room. She looks at herself. She says what happened with me last night, its too bad. She cries. Manager says we need staff, so we hired you, we don’t want complains, you have to always wear the mask. Savitri says sure. She wears the mask. She hears Sonu crying. She prays for Sonu and thinks I can’t help this girl, I can’t trouble anyone, else I will lose this job, I have to meet my daughter. She goes. Sonu runs out of the room.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th May 2021 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi says nothing happened last night. Kartik says its big cheated to marry someone when there is no love. Ishqi goes and sees Sonu committing suicide. She shouts Sonu.


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