Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th May 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi asking the man to show the footage. He says manager has to permit that, I can’t help. She says I have to know who spiked my drink, I want to see that waiter, just show the footage. The man refuses. Mayank comes and slaps him. He asks him to apologize to Ishqi, she is just asking his help, go and call the manager. The man apologizes and goes. Mayank says don’t worry, I will not leave the person who spiked your drink, I will handle Sarla. Ishqi says sorry, you had to get embarrassed because of me. He says not at all, I came to pay the bill, Ahaan took care of you. Ishqi thinks I don’t remember anything. Ahaan looks on and goes. Mayank says don’t worry, I promise, I will find out. Ishqi thanks him and goes. Mayank says I have to remind Sonu. He sends Sonu the pic and messages her to blackmail. She cries. She recalls Ahaan’s words.

She replies, don’t do this, meet me. Ishqi says I have to think of Mayank, not Ahaan. Kartik comes and says I want your advice, I m confused between two movies, my best friend ki dulhan, shaadi pehle pyaar baadme. She asks what’s these movies. He asks her to choose one. She says Shaadi pehle pyaar baadme. He asks why. She says its cheating, its best friend ki dulhan. He asks if dulhan likes the friend. She says its still cheating. He says its also cheating to marry without love. She says I don’t know. She goes. He says Ahaan’s denial disease is spreading everywhere. Sarla asks where will we keep haldi. Dadi and Chachi say we will keep it anytime you want. Raj asks did you find Sonu. Ahaan asks did you guys have any fight. Raj says no, she didn’t come in the party. Ahaan says maybe she is upset with me, no. Raj says she messaged me at night, she is not there. Ahaan says I will check cctv footage. Mayank says Sonu didn’t reply, I will send the pics to her family, this marriage will break. He greets everyone. He says we will keep a theme for haldi. Chachi asks what theme. He says there is an interesting video, come.

Rhea shows the dinner date pics to Ishqi. Ahaan says its good I got you here, I was finding you. Rhea says say. He sees Ishqi. Ishqi goes. Rhea asks what happened. He asks did you see Sonu. She says she would be in her room, I will see. He says she isn’t even answering, don’t tell Dadi and Chachi, they will panic. He stops Ishqi and says so sorry to startle you, last night… She asks what about last night. He asks did you get that man who was going to show cctv footage. She says you want to show my mistake. He says it was your mistake, you could have stayed in room like Sonu, you came out, try to be like my Sonu, she will never create any problem, girls who invite problems fall into problem. Sonu looks on and cries. She goes. Ishqi says nothing meaningful would have happened last night. She goes. Ahaan recalls her words. He goes. Ishqi sees the waiter and follows him. Mayank connects his phone to laptop. Sarla orders many things.

Ginni says you are on diet. Chachi says Suman and Kartik’s dad will come soon. Mayank thinks its good, everyone will see Sonu’s pic, I will say I don’t know about pics, Sonu is gone. The waiter runs away. Sarla asks Mayank to play. Everyone comes there. Raj signs Ahaan that he didn’t see Sonu. Mayank thinks its fine, many people are here to watch, Sonu’s marriage will break now. Ishqi sees Sonu standing on the terrace top. She asks Sonu to stop, come back. Sonu says I can’t come back, my life is finished. Ishqi says don’t move, what happened, did you fight with Raj or Ahaan, I m with you, come down. Sonu says Ahaan was right, I was wrong, I should have not gone in the party, this would have not happened with me. Ishqi asks what. Sonu says leave me alone. She cries. Ishqi thinks to do something. Savitri comes to Ahaan. The man asks her to go ahead. Savitri goes. Mayank is about to play the file. Savitri collides with him. Mayank gets hurt by the trolley. He falls down. Ahaan asks Mayank are you fine.

Ishqi says Sonu if you jump down, then I will jump down, come with me. Sonu says my life is over. Ishqi says what happened, tell me. She holds Sonu’s hand. She asks what happened, I fold hands, tell me, why are you doing this. Sonu shows the pic and message. Ishqi gets shocked. Ahaan asks are you fine. Savitri cries and goes. Dadi worries. Ahaan asks are you okay. Dadi says yes. She goes. Ahaan says we shall see Dadi. Sarla says staff spoiled the mood. Mayank asks them to see what he wanted to show. Everyone goes. Mayank throws his phone.

Ishqi says come down, nothing is ruined. Sonu asks how will I face Ahaan, tell me, he stopped me from going to the party. Ishqi says this happens many times in life when we feel everything is finished, we get courage by a friend, you shouldn’t handle it alone, I will do anything but fix everything, I promise. Sonu hugs her and cries.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi cries. Ahaan asks why are you crying, you want to do this marriage, right. Ishqi says Sonu, whoever is that person, his hand will have the nail marks, we have to find out who is he. Mayank hears this and thinks what to do now.


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