Ishk Par Zor Nahin 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 20st May 2021 Episode starts with the waiter saying I will get framed because of you, madam wants the cctv footage. Mayank pays him and asks him to leave. The waiter says that laptop has the cctv footage. Mayank says I have to delete this now, I could have handled Sonu, I have to be careful of Ishqi. Ahaan comes to Dadi. Dadi says I had seen Savitri, just believe me. Ahaan says you know I love you the most, I will do as you say, what do you want to do. Dadi says show me the hotel staff once. He says if Savitri had come here, why would she take disguise. She says she is a thief, she wants to steal you and Sonu. He says she isn’t here, if she is here, then none can make Sonu and me away from you. Savitri hears this and cries. She goes. He says I will end your problem right away, don’t worry. He calls the manager. He asks for common area cctv footage. Manager says okay, you can come. Mayank sees the cctv footage and deletes it. He gets shocked seeing Ahaan. Manager says this laptop has the security footage. Ahaan thinks why is Mayank seeing this footage. Mayank says actually, someone spiked Ishqi’s drink, I had come to see who can do it, so I was seeing the footage. Ahaan says so you were seeing it for Ishqi. Mayank says yes. Ahaan checks the laptop. Mayank worries.

Kartik asks are you finding Ahaan. Riya says Ishqi. He asks why. She says Ishqi and Sonu are planning a surprise for Mayank and Raj. Kartik says you also plan. She asks what does Ahaan like. He says we will ask his GF. She says that’s me, he doesn’t tell me anything, I will find out everything before marriage, we didn’t talk about marriage. Ishqi hears them. She says I have a plan, we have to do something before that guy comes in the haldi function, he will be caught. Sonu asks how. Ishqi says I will say. Kartik says Riya will also plan a surprise for Ahaan. Riya says I don’t know he wants to talk about marriage or not. Kartik says Riya doesn’t know anything about him. Ishqi says he gets irritated by the song Ishq wala love. Kartik laughs. Dadi asks did you see anything. Ahaan says no. He hides Ishqi and his pic. Mayank asks why did you guys come. Ahaan says nothing, Dadi lost some stuff, so we were finding it. Mayank thinks I deleted bar footage, but I will be seen in the corridor footage. He goes. Ishqi says where did Mayank go. She comes to the pool side and thinks of Ahaan.
Ishqi thinks of the last night. Maasi and Suman come. Ishqi hugs them. Ahaan and Dadi turn for a while. They don’t see Mayank in the footage.

Ahaan calls manager and asks about the footage. Manager says sorry, there is some problem in the security room. Ahaan says we shall go back, come, its haldi tomorrow. Dadi thinks does Savitri know that we are going to see the footage. Mayank trashes the wire. Ishqi comes and says sorry, did I scare you. He smiles and says not at all, tell me. She asks did you see footage. He says no, its deleted, whoever did this is clever, is Sonu fine. Ishqi says no, one thing, I got her…. She sees Ahaan and gets silent. Ahaan thinks like I m interested to hear her talks. Mayank asks what were you saying. Ishqi says yes, I took Sonu to her room. Riya says I will invite Mayank and Ishqi for dinner. Ahaan says I will inform them. He comes to Mayank and Ishqi. He says really sorry, it seems I have disturbed you both, please carry on. Mayank says don’t be formal. Ahaan says Chachi organized dinner for everyone, if you want to spend time together, then carry on. Ishqi says no, we are coming. Mayank says yes, we will come. Manager asks Mayank to settle the bills. Ahaan says Mayank, you said you are making the bill payment, what bill is he talking about. Mayank says yes, actually… Ishqi says yes, you told the same to me. Mayank scolds the manager. Manager says very sorry, you would have made the payment, I will check now. Ahaan asks Mayank to calm down. Mayank says I have to get something from the room. He goes.

Ahaan and Ishqi see each other. Everyone dines together. Suman asks where is Mayank. Ishqi says he is coming. Chachi likes the food. Chacha jokes. He says I m sure everyone missed me and my jokes. Kartik says I was also not missing. Everyone smiles. Sarla asks where was Sonu all day. Chachi says she was planning a surprise for Raj. Ahaan says Sonu you should have come on time. Raj asks what’s the surprise. Ishqi asks Sonu to say it, else she will say. Sonu asks what are you saying. Ishqi says I will show everyone. Sonu says you promised. Ishqi says yes, but I can’t stay quiet now. Ahaan asks what is it. Ishqi says Sonu was planning a surprise for Raj and everyone. She gives a sweet speech from Sonu’s side. Sonu cries. Everyone gets emotional. Ishqi sees Ahaan.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi says I will miss him the most who is much arrogant, I m afraid to lose him. Ishqi calls that guy. Mayank’s phone rings. Ahaan says Mayank, your phone is ringing.


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