Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st April 2021 Episode starts with Raj saying you came here by siding your self respect, you proved that you are a girl to keep family united, right Ahaan. Ahaan sees Ishqi. Sarla says both weddings will happen together. Raj asks them to have coffee. Ishqi says I will leave. She goes and thinks of Ahaan. She thinks he didn’t ask what had happened, Ahaan saved me from touching Sarla’s feet. Ahaan comes and thanks her. She thanks him. He asks why did you… Ishqi asks why are you saying thanks, why did you come here. He says you took Sonu’s blame on yourself, Sonu started the matter, it was her mistake too, she didn’t admit her mistake, you took the blame, why. She says I don’t want her to fall in trouble. He thanks her. She thanks him. She says I have family values, I m not a home breaker. Ahaan thinks she apologized without mistake, how can she be a homebreaker. Mayank asks Ahaan why did you apologize, it was her mistake. Ahaan says you should ask me before saying anything. Mayank says three families were embarrassed. Ahaan says four families, you forgot Ishqi’s family.

She thanks Ahaan and goes. Mayank says she will be convinced knowing I did right. Ahaan thinks you really think you did right. Sonu says Ahaan was upset. Kartik says he left in a hurry. She cries. Ahaan comes and says I didn’t expect this from you, you let that girl take the blame alone, you want to stay nuclear with Raj. Kartik says you know how Sarla behaves, you want Sonu to stay with such a Saas, just see the reality, relations get saved by staying away. Ahaan says relations will get saved when its created first, marriage happens between two families, you can’t break any family, Raj can’t live without his mum, Ishqi was apologizing to Sarla, I reached there on time, he didn’t deserve that, she is an outsider. Kartik says I m really proud of you. Sonu says I made a mistake, I m sorry.

Ahaan says forget the idea to stay nuclear, you aren’t like our mum, tell Raj that you are not a homebreaker, you are not so perfect, be perfect again. Ishqi talks to her mum and tells about Ahaan. She complains to Maasi about Mayank. Sonu apologizes to Suman. Suman says its okay, remember, no one supports a woman, at least a woman should support another woman. Ahaan says your bahu isn’t a home breaker. Kartik says you changed, I m speechless. Suman hugs Sonu. She says if you told this to me before, then Ishqi would have not heard the taunts. Maasi says Mayank had no choice. Ishqi says everyone has a choice, I could have refused to meet Sarla, but I went there to apologize, Ahaan also had a choice, he could have not come, he understood my problem and thought its his responsibility to save me, when he knew it was Sonu’s mistake also, he apologized to Sarla. Maasi says he does what he finds right. Ishqi says Mayank should have done this, he remembers about everyone’s families, not ours, but Ahaan remembered it, I m upset with Mayank, I will talk to him when he convinces me. Maasi says its your mehendi function tomorrow, you are comparing Mayank and Ahaan today.

Kartik says we should take guy’s mom on date first, I will explain, mom’s kundlis should be matched first, husband and wife are secondary. Bahu and saas are imp. Ahaan agrees. Kartik says you defended Ishqi. Ahaan asks are you obsessed with her, I went there for Sonu. Kartik says she comes in your words always. Sonu says I can call Ishqi and apologize. Dadi comes and asks whom are you calling. Sonu says Kartik, who was I calling, I forgot. Kartik says I remember, Ahaan tell about it. Dadi says I m sure you were calling Ishqi. Kartik says you are smart, so cool. Dadi scolds him. She drinks with them. Sonu says sorry. Ahaan says it was Sonu’s mistake, what’s wrong if she talks to Ishqi. Chacha and Chachi join. He asks Ahaan why doesn’t you take Ishqi’s name. Kartik says she also doesn’t take his name, its her chemistry. Ahaan says we have no chemistry. Dadi says Sonu and Raj have chemistry. Ahaan says Sarla won’t know anything. Chachi says its good you apologized and saved Ishqi. They all discuss. Chachi asks Dadi to have beer. Dadi asks them to send beer to her room. They laugh. Dadi goes. Kartik says its mehendi tomorrow, lets bet, will Sarla do a new drama or not.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi asks why can’t boys dance for us. Ahaan says lets do it. He dances. Ishqi sees Ahaan’s name in her mehendi.


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