Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st May 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi saying sweet things about Ahaan. She cries seeing him. Dadi and everyone clap. Dadi says it was too emotional. Kartik says Ahaan and Sonu don’t fight, last line didn’t match. Dadi asks who would it match then. Sonu hugs Ahaan. Raj also hugs her. Ahaan goes to his room and rests. He thinks of Ishqi. Mayank says what was Ishqi going to tell me. He messages Ishqi and asks what are you planning. He sees the marks on his hand. Ishqi gets Sonu’s message. Sonu thanks her for becoming her friend. Ahaan comes and says I didn’t know you are here, sorry to disturb. Ishqi says you didn’t disturb me. Ahaan asks is Mayank joining you. Ishqi says no, I came to sit alone. He says me too. She says then sit. He says you also sit for some time, only if you want to. She sits. He says thanks for helping Sonu.

She says you always helped me, I m just returning the favor. Ahaan says I know whatever you told about me, it was your thoughts, Sonu and I don’t fight, she doesn’t think I m arrogant. He asks what favor did you say, the lodge thing or when you were drunk. She says I didn’t know what I said, I just know that you took care of me, you protected me, not every girl is lucky like me, good night. Its morning, Ahaan and everyone are in the haldi. Mayank gets haldi applied and worries about Sonu’s matter. Ishqi gets Sonu. Ahaan takes Sonu. Riya says you look lovely, I m waiting for your next surprise, plan something like that for Ahaan and my marriage. Ishqi sees Ahaan. Mahiya….plays…

Ishqi says I will do it, promise. Raj and Mayank get haldi. Sarla says now girls will get the haldi. Ishqi says Sonu, we have to find that blackmailer first. Sonu asks but haldi. Ishqi says we can’t sit for haldi now. Kartik says all the best for next surprise. Sonu asks what is it. Ishqi says we will sing and dance, I will check the person with the marks on hand. Sonu dances with Ishqi. Ishqi checks everyone’s hands. Mayank messages Sonu to threaten her. He goes to to apply haldi to Ishqi. Sonu faints down. Ahaan and everyone rush to her. Ahaan takes her. Dadi cries for Sonu. He asks her not to worry. Sonu says I m okay now. Ishqi thinks there is some matter. Ahaan asks Raj and everyone to come. Raj asks Sonu to take care. Ishqi thinks to talk to Sonu. She sees Riya. Sonu says I think my sugar level got low, can you get some sweets. Riya goes. Ishqi asks what happened, how did you faint. Sonu cries and hugs her.

Sonu says I got the message again, I will tell everything to Raj when we know who did this, if Raj supports me, I will think he is pitying me. Ishqi asks shall we take Kartik along. Sonu says no, he will tell Ahaan. Ishqi says we have to take someone’s help. She calls someone and takes help to track the number. She gets the number. She says I will call the blackmailer now, he will be caught. She goes out. Dadi asks what’s happening. Mayank thinks I have to make this marriage flop, Sonu has to be alone for this. Ishqi calls the number. Mayank thinks who got this number. Ishqi looks around. Ahaan checks his phone. He asks Mayank, is your phone ringing.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi refuses to marry Mayank. She says he has misbehaved with Sonu, he was blackmailing Sonu with the pics. Ahaan looks at Mayank.


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