Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd July 2021  Episode starts with Savitri saying I left your drunkard son because my children were in danger. She argues with Dadi. She says you knew that your son used to torture me, I had to save my children, you broke your own house for the false pride. Dadi asks how dare you and raises hand. Savitri stops her hand. She says I had tolerated to stay away from my children, electric shocks, insults, the truth is, your son used to torture me because you had allowed it, you could have stopped him, but you didn’t stop him, you have done wrong with me, I will tell the truth to my children and unmask you. Dadi taunts her.

She says you have to be here to tell my truth, you and your truth will die together, I have done arrangements for that, my henchmen will reach here in some time. Savitri gets shocked. Kartik says you danced well. He jokes on Ahaan. Ahaan asks are you fine, Ishqi. Ishqi thinks I can’t tell him the truth. He asks are you okay. She says I feel dizzy. He asks did you check sugar levels. She says I forgot to take insulin shot. He says lets go home. Kartik says I will pay the bill and come, you go. Ishqi thinks sorry, I have no way, we have to go home to save your mum from your Dadi. The hospital people come.

Dadi says you can trust a snake, but not me, you did the mistake to trust me, you were a fool before and even now. Savitri says this time, I won’t lose without fighting. She takes a vase and hits Dadi. Dadi falls down. She shouts catch her. The goons stop her. Ahaan and Ishqi are on the way. He says we are reaching home in 2mins, don’t worry. Ishqi prays for Savitri’s safety. Dadi says this time, she shouldn’t get saved, catch her. Savitri runs. She throws the marbles on the floor. The goons fall down. Dadi slaps her. The goons catch her. Dadi says your game is over, take her from here. Ahaan and Ishqi come home. They ring the bell. Ahaan asks Dadi to open the door. Dadi worries.

Kartik, Raj and Sonu also come. Sonu says maybe there is no one home. Ahaan says Dadi was at home. Savitri thinks Ahaan won’t trust me even if he sees me, I have to run. She runs from the back door. Dadi says let her go, you also run from the back door. The goons leave. Dadi says if Ahaan knows, then my game will be over. Ahaan asks Kartik to go inside from the back door and open the door. Dadi opens the door. Ahaan says I was shouting since long. Dadi says sorry, I fell asleep, what happened to Ishqi. She gets angry that Ishqi spoiled her game. Ahaan takes Ishqi to the room. Ahaan gets the insulin injection. Ishqi takes it.

He says you can get stubborn, but stop harming yourself, I tell everything for your betterment. Ishqi asks will you scold me now. He says I will make juice and get it for you. Kartik says we had to come back, Ishqi got unwell. Ahaan calls out Bhola. Dadi says he went to get medicines for me. He says I want to make juice for her. She says he will come and make. He says I can’t wait, I will make it for my wife. He goes.

Ishqi calls Maasi and says Savitri isn’t here, did she come home. Maasi says no, I m worried. Savitri comes. Maasi says she has come. Savitri shuts the door and cries. Maasi asks what happened. Ishqi prays for Savitri. Savitri says she wanted to kill me, its good Ishqi and Ahaan came on time. Maasi says you are safe here, don’t worry. Dadi says Ishqi was fine, how did she get ill. Ahaan says she forgot to take insulin today. She says you don’t worry, you are her husband, these things won’t suit you, she can come and make juice for herself.

He says you don’t know what happened with her, she was feeling dizzy, you want her to come here in that state and make juice for herself, at least show sympathy for her. She says so sorry, I never allowed you in kitchen before, this doesn’t suit boys, you went out to enjoy, Ishqi got unwell, you had to come back. He says her health is most imp. He takes the juice. She says he is becoming wife’s puppet. Ahaan comes to Ishqi. He feeds the juice to Ishqi. She thinks sorry, I don’t want to lie, but I m helpless. She asks him to rest. He says you rest, I m here, I m keeping a watch on you. She asks why. He says I mean I will take care of you. Na kuch pucha…plays… He sits caring for her. Its morning, he wakes her up. He makes breakfast for her. He says you will rest here. She says I will take rest, if I m unwell. He goes. She calls Maasi. Maasi says Savitri is getting unwell, just come home. Ishqi and Maasi take Savitri to the hospital.

Radhika and Riya see Ishqi. Riya says this woman looks imp for Ishqi. She goes to find out. She thinks I will find out what’s Ishqi doing. Radhika stops Riya and asks what do you want to do, maybe Ishqi got any relative. Riya asks who is that lady. Radhika says it doesn’t matter, think about yourself, come with me. They leave. Doctor says she got a panic attack, she will be fine. Ishqi gets angry on Dadi. Ahaan comes and says Ishqi. Ishqi gets shocked.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan asks Savitri to get up. He takes care of her. Ishqi thinks he is going a son’s duty. He asks Riya what is she doing here. Riya says I m pregnant with Ahaan’s child. Ishqi gets shocked.


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