Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th May 2021 Episode starts with Dadi leaving. Savitri hides and recalls Dadi’s crimes. She says no, I will better leave from here. Chachi says I remember my marriage seeing this mandap. Chacha says that horrible memories, I m joking, I mean those sweet memories. Sarla smiles and says you continue. Chacha and Chachi treat her nicely. Ginni says there is no drama, don’t know what happened to Ishqi. Kartik says I have checked everything. He compliments Chachi and Sarla. Sarla says we will take selfie, come. Ishqi comes.

Maasi says this girl is roaming out. Ishqi says I went to meet Sonu. Suman says take care of yourself, I want you to look more pretty than her, I will do your makeup today. Maasi says even Didi would have said that, Lord returned your mummy to you, Ishqi become the best bahu and make Suman proud. Ishqi says I will never get you ashamed. Suman gifts her jewellery. She says my Saas gave me this necklace, I m giving this to you, tell me if Mayank does something, I will see him, but he will always support you. Ishqi thinks I m marrying Mayank, why am I thinking of Ahaan. She hugs Suman.

Ishqi says one can’t get Saas like you, Mayank supports me, Maasi prayed for me, else my fate isn’t such good to become your bahu. Suman hugs her. Ahaan makes Mayank ready. Mayank says don’t know the phone got fixed or not. Riya comes and says I m ready, you are taking time, I didn’t say that to make you awkward, I will click your pic with Mayank. Ahaan asks Mayank to smile. Mayank says nothing, I have to talk to Ishqi.

Ahaan thinks do they have a problem between them. Riya says you can’t meet the bride, but I can deliver your message, tell me. Ahaan says I will go and see Sonu. Riya asks is it anything sweet, I miss you or I love you. Mayank thinks to find out about phone. Ahaan thinks did Ishqi tell Mayank that she likes me. He sees Ishqi ready in the bridal wear. He says Mayank wanted to talk to you, he was looking upset. She says I will talk to him. He says don’t, its not considered good, I don’t want any problem. She says I know what you want, I will handle Mayank’s problem. He says nice. Riya comes and says not nice, very nice, gorgeous. She compliments Ishqi. Ahaan says I kept this gorgeous word for you. Riya asks him to say. Ahaan says later. Ishqi asks what is it. Riya says we are going to announce our marriage. Ishqi says congrats. Ahaan goes to meet Sonu. Riya also goes. The man says phone got fixed. Mayank says Sonu you made a mistake, I will punish you. He asks the man to set up projector and connect to the big screen, show all pics one by one, don’t do anything until I message you. He sends the man.

He says Sonu’s family will see her get insulted, so much fun. Dadi compliments Sonu. Sonu cries. Kartik jokes that Sonu is finally leaving from the house, she will be out of my life. He also gets sad. He cries and hugs her. Ahaan comes and asks him to cry during bidaai. Ahaan also cries. Kartik and Sonu hug her. Ahaan says you will come to meet us every week, tell me if Raj says anything. Kartik says if Sarla stops you, then go to police, just police can control her. Sonu says Ahaan is there. Ahaan says yes, I will handle it. Dadi says do her bidaai first. Ahaan says we should have found a Ghar jamai for Sonu. Riya takes their pics. Chacha also gets emotional. She asks them to come. They all get pics clicked. Ishqi recalls Ahaan’s words.

She says something wrong is going to happen. Savitri hears this and says fear is a big enemy, it resides in us. Ishqi says even then its shorter to our height, I m not scared if I didn’t do anything. She takes Savitri’s blessings and you are elder, bless me to do the right thing. Savitri blesses her. She says your heart is true, just be strong, not everyone shows courage. Ishqi thinks I m marrying Mayank, nothing else matters. Everyone dances in the baraat. Sonu checks phone. Ishqi asks did any message come. Sonu says no, maybe he backed off. Ishqi says maybe. She thinks such mean men don’t back off, it means something big is going to happen. She says maybe he got scared. Sonu says you check once. Ishqi reads Mayank’s message. She gets shocked.

She says I want to talk to you about Mayank. Kartik and Ahaan come. Kartik says come, your Raj has come. Sonu goes. Ishqi and Mayank exchange garlands. Ishqi thinks why didn’t anyone tell me about Mayank and Sonu, who else knew about it. She sees Ahaan. Sonu and Raj exchange garlands. Both the brides sit in the mandap. Suman says Ishqi looks so beautiful. Ahaan thinks focus on Riya, she is the right girl for me. Ishqi thinks why did Mayank hide this, don’t know what else did he hide. Riya says you are looking so nice, he never lies. Ishqi thinks Ahaan would be saying truth, he never lies, if I like him, then why am I doing this marriage.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi says I won’t marry this man. She says Mayank had misbehaved with Sonu and took her pics, he was blackmailing Sonu. Everyone gets shocked. Ahaan looks at Mayank.


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