Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd May 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi saying I have no one except Maasi, I have to get another house for Maasi right away. Dadi gets a call. She asks is she ill, did you admit her in the hospital. Doctor says she didn’t eat food since 3 days, her bp got low, she could have died, police would come and we will get trapped. She says tell the staff that she is mentally sick, she is dangerous, don’t permit anyone to see her. Ishqi is with Maasi. She asks Maasi to get conscious. She tries to find a house. She says any house will do, I want a house by tomorrow, I will give the token if its in budget, thanks, its urgent. Ishqi checks Ahaan’s message. She doesn’t see Savitri brought to the same ward. She says I can’t even tell Ahaan what’s happening, I have to reply. Ahaan calls out Bhola. He gets Ishqi’s reply and says she isn’t interested to talk.

Ishqi says I will message Mayank, but he doesn’t care for me. She deletes the typed message. She says Ahaan cares for me, I will reply him. She replies Ahaan to thank him. Nurses tie up Savitri. Maasi finds hard to breath. Ishqi shouts for help. Doctor checks Maasi. He says we have to do her MRI and also surgery if there is internal bleeding. Ishqi says Maasi, I m with you. She cries. Savitri gets conscious and frees herself. She sees Ishqi there. Ishqi thinks uncle has the insurance papers. Savitri goes. Dadi is sleeping. Savitri attacks her. Dadi imagines this. She looks outside her room. She says I have to go to the hospital and send Savitri back. Ahaan tries to work. He thinks of Ishqi. He goes to sleep. Dadi silently leaves. She collides with a lamp. She doesn’t see Ahaan sleeping there. Ishqi says I m a fool to call uncle, he would not help me. She prays for Maasi. Nurse sees Savitri gone. She asks did you see her leaving.

Ishqi says no. Dadi comes there to meet Savitri. Ishqi hears her and stops. She thinks I have to go, forget it. She goes to meet the doctor. She asks doctor what has come in the reports, tell me the news, I m prepared for it, we are not rich, but my fiance is nice, he will help me. Ahaan wakes up and says I can’t marry Riya at this time, why am I thinking about Ishqi, I have to talk to Dadi. Doctor says sit down, have water, you were praying, your Maasi has no internal bleeding, she just got some stitches on her hand, that’s it. She thanks him and blesses. He says you have to stay careful, she shouldn’t get hurt again. She says she won’t get hurt again, promise. Ahaan goes to Dadi’s room and looks for her. Dadi scolds the doctor. She asks how can Savitri go away, it means she is mentally fine, if anyone else gets her, then it will be wrong, what if she reached home, what will happen of me, its better to find her, go. Nurse says we checked cctv footage, she didn’t go out, we can find her. Savitri gets locked. She cries.

Its morning, everyone is dining. Kartik jokes on Ahaan. Ahaan comes. Chacha signs that Ahaan is behind. He laughs. Ahaan asks where is Dadi. Kartik asks where are you going. Ahaan says I m going out for work. Kartik asks who will go to get mandap items. Ahaan says go with Dadi. Dadi comes. He asks where were you at night. Chacha asks were you not at home, is everything fine. Kartik jokes. Dadi says my friend… her bahu is troubling a lot, her bp got low, I went there, I m going there now. Chachi asks which friend. Chacha says I will drop you. Dadi says no, you go and get the items, everything should happen the way Sarla likes. Mayank comes there and sees Sonu. Chacha and Chachi ask her not to worry. Ahaan asks Kartik to drop Dadi. Dadi thinks if Savitri reaches her kids, then my game will get over.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan sees Ishqi begging for her Maasi. He asks where is Ishqi. Savitri pushes Dadi and runs out. Ahaan and Ishqi are also there at the hospital.


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