Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th July 2021 Episode starts with Raj, Kartik and Sonu going to talk to Ahaan about his honeymoon plans. Ahaan isn’t there. Sarla comes and asks Raj to handle his wife, explain her to talk to her with manners. Raj says fine, Ishqi is upset, I m trying to help Ahaan and Ishqi. Sonu says I m sorry. Sarla says happy now. Ishqi comes. Kartik says we are planning your honeymoon. Ishqi asks did you ask Ahaan. Kartik says Ahaan will need time. Ishqi says its enough that Ahaan doesn’t disappear. Radhika asks Riya to tell everyone that she is pregnant with Ahaan’s baby. Riya says no, the date won’t match with my pregnancy, Ahaan’s Dadi is a cunning woman, she couldn’t separate Ahaan and Ishqi, no one can separate them, Ahaan should know that he has no chance.

She meets Ahaan at the hospital. She says I thought I will fight with the world, but I was wrong, I decided to abort this baby, you can’t support me, I have broken down Ahaan, I just called you here to inform, this baby is yours, don’t try to stop me, stay happy, forget me, I will live alone and die alone. He says if you want to keep this baby, I promise I will take the responsibility, I will support the child, until I tell Ishqi, you won’t say anything, I won’t leave Ishqi, no girl can take her place. He goes. Radhika thinks Riya can’t do anything, I have to do something. Savitri sees Ahaan. She turns away. Ahaan thanks her. She blesses him and cries.

Ishqi waits for Ahaan. He surprises her with the decorations. Everyone comes. He says Ishqi, I know you are upset, I can’t cheat this, this won’t happen again, I promise you. He says sorry, I have let Maasi down, when Maasi gave me the responsibility. Maasi says you don’t need to apologize. Dadi says you are her husband, you don’t need to apologize if you got bit drunk. Ahaan says my ego is big, I have to bow down to Ishqi to make a place in her heart. Everyone claps. Dadi says Ahaan is doing this infront of everyone. Ahaan says one should apologize in front of everyone. He gives a flower heart-shaped cushion to Ishqi and says really sorry, please forgive me. Ishqi smiles. Everyone claps. Sonu says we have planned Ahaan and Ishqi’s honeymoon. Kartik jokes.

Its morning, Radhika says I will tell Dadi and Ishqi about Riya’s pregnancy. She asks manager about Malhotra family. He says they went for Ahaan’s reception. Riya stops Radhika. She says I will play a trick that Ishqi leaves Ahaan, its time for our next move.

Ahaan and family come home. Kartik stops Dadi at the door. He says Ahaan got your bahu, you should do grahpravesh. Sonu says you go and get the kalash. Dadi asks what’s the need of this drama. Kartik says Ishqi is coming home as bahu for the first time. Chachi says yes. Kartik opens the door. He shows the arrangements done. Everyone smiles. Chacha welcomes the groom and bride. He blesses them.

Chachi explains Ishqi the ritual. Dadi says I m not feeling well, just hurry up. Kartik takes Dadi aside. He asks her to smile, she cancelled the honeymoon to keep the reception. Dadi says yes, I have to throw a grand reception. Kartik says well done, reception is imp than honeymoon. Chacha and Chachi get the aarti. Sonu asks Dadi to do the aarti. Ahaan also says the same. Dadi does their grahpravesh. Ahaan thinks Ishqi will get upset because of me. Maasi takes care of Savitri. Doctor asks Maasi to take Savitri home. He gives the medicines and goes. Savitri says I m going to Delhi, where my children live. Ahaan and Ishqi’s grahpravesh happens. Savitri recalls Ishqi’s words. Sonu and Kartik insist Ahaan to lift Ishqi and take her. Ahaan lifts Ishqi. They smile. Chachi says Ahaan got too romantic, Ishqi changed him. Dadi makes a face


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan and Ishqi romance. Ishqi comes to his office and sees him with Riya.


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