Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima shouting Sejal. Sejal calls out to her. Aryan and Chanchal stop Sejal and shut her mouth. They bury her behind the wall. Siya comes and asks Riddhima to have icecream. Riddhima says later, tell me where does the drainage pipes go. Siya says backyard, but your room pipes go to the basement. Aryan and Chanchal ask Sejal to say about Riddhima’s boyfriend, else die. Riddhima says I don’t let anything happen to Sejal. She goes to the basement. Aryan and Chanchal hide. Riddhima doesn’t see anyone. Sejal sees her and tries to move. Anupriya comes there to see. Sejal struggles. Riddhima says there is no pipe here. Chanchal thinks Riddhima may see us. Anupriya thinks Sejal isn’t here.

Riddhima thinks how to find Sejal. She holds the wall and finds it wet. She takes a hammer to break the wall. Aryan thinks I can’t let Riddhima reach Sejal. He takes a stick and goes to hit Riddhima. Dadi calls out Riddhima. Aryan hides. Riddhima says Dadi maybe in trouble. She goes to see. She asks what’s this. Dadi says I m fine, I kept Laxmi Narayan havan for house peace, so that Vansh and your relation get strong. Siya says you both will sit together. Riddhima says he isn’t here. Dadi says I spoke to him, he will come before haven tomorrow. Riddhima smiles. Siya clicks her pic. She says Riddhima is lost in his thoughts, I have to send this pic to Vansh. Door bell rings. Dadi says I called someone for havan work.

She opens the door. Kabir comes and says I m Badrinath. Dadi says come and understand the work. Kabir shuts the door. He recalls attacking real Badrinath. He thinks Sejel you wanted to tell my truth, I will not leave you. Riddhima asks where is helper Badrinath, I will see him. Dadi says he is a hardworking guy, he did all the work. Riddhima thinks to check his ID once. Kabir gets the flowers and does decorations. Anupriya thinks why is Riddhima goins after Kabir, she may know him. She takes Riddhima. Kabir thinks to find out Sejal soon. Aryan and Chanchal throw water at Sejal and wake her up. Chanchal frees Sejal. She says I don’t think she can bear more torture, we want to make Riddhima away from Vansh, this girl has to be alive.

She feeds the juice and food to Sejal. She says we are not so bad to kill someone, but don’t force us, just tell us what you know. She asks Aryan to manage her. Aryan asks do you want water. Sejal nods. She puts her watch in the food plate. Aryan gives her water. Sejal thinks I wish Riddhima sees my watch, she will know everything. Aryan asks do you want tea or coffee, we are not on pinic here, don’t waste out time here, tell me the truth of Riddhima’s past, did Riddhima has any affair before marriage. Chanchal asks her to say it. Sejal cries. Aryan says she won’t agree. They hear some sound. Kabir tries to get in. Aryan opens the door and asks what are you doing here, go where you are needed. Kabir says don’t get upset, I came to find Shank, Dadi said its in storeroom. Aryan says you go, I will get shank if I get it. Kabir goes. Chanchal says tell us about Riddhima’s past. Aryan puts Sejal in some big box. Chanchal goes with the food plate.

She sees Riddhima and thinks you won’t know whom I just fed the food. Her phone rings. She drops the plate. She gets Aryan’s call and goes. Kabir comes back to the basement and checks. He doesn’t see Sejal. Chanchal asks why did you get her here. Aryan says its not safe to keep her in storeroom, anyone can come there to take havan items, so I got her here. Vansh messages Riddhima… cute…. He calls her and says I gave you a reason to blush again. She asks when are you coming back. He says I will come soon if you answer me soon, why do you miss me so much. She thinks how to tell you how much I missed you. She says Vansh, I…. He says I…. She says I think same reason why you miss. He says smart Riddhima, I will adjust with this answer, I want a true answer when I come home. She says we will decide when we meet. He says I will see you. She sees the broken plate on the floor. She gets Sejal’s watch and says it means Sejal is here in danger.

Kabir says we will find Sejal, I will take Sejal before Vansh comes. Riddhima says Vansh is on the way. Kabir says I love you a lot. Vansh opens the door and sees them. They get shocked.


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