Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September 2020 Episode starts wit someone trying to kill Riddhima. She struggles and fights with the masked man. Vansh says how did this happen Angre. Angre says even the cctv company isn’t able to answer, how the cameras got off altogether. Vansh says it happened in the house, who is doing it. Riddhima falls down the bed. Vansh hears the sound and runs upstairs. He sees Riddhima fallen down. He asks who has done this, what happened. He shouts to the doctor. He puts her on the bed. Doctor, Dadi, Sia and nurse come. Doctor asks them to go out.

She treats Riddhima. Vansh asks how is she now. Doctor says the oxygen level got low as the mask was removed, she is critical, just Lord can save her. Dadi says I know Vansh, you don’t believe in Lord, but Lord exists and fulfill prayers, this girl saved you, your belief can save this girl today, its about her life, you have to go and pray for her. Vansh nods and leaves. He stands under the shower and thinks of Riddhima. He goes to pray. He says our thinking don’t match, I don’t believe you, but she believes you a lot, someone has crossed limits to save me today, by risking her life, I can’t let her die, I don’t permit you to call her to you, you have to save her, please… He cries. He recalls Riddhima’s words. He lights a diya and says don’t know anything that I feel you are an illusion, you have to prove you exist, you have to save her. Everyone comes and looks on. Dadi cries.

Chanchal says see I told you, he is in love with Vansh, he didn’t do this for anyone. Vansh chants Om…. Dadi asks him to fill sindoor in her maang, it has much strength, it will unite them once again. Vansh goes to Riddhima. He fills the sindoor in her maang and recalls her. Riddhima gets conscious. He sees her and thinks her breath is not stable. He checks the machines. He recalls their moments. She opens her eyes. Her pulse gets stable. Vansh gets glad. Dadi comes and asks did she get conscious, look I told you that sindoor has much strength. Everyone comes. Doctor says I didn’t see such a miracle before. Sia says its the power of Vansh’s love. Doctor says she needs rest. Ishani says next time, Riddhima won’t get lucky. Everyone goes. Doctor says make sure, she isn’t stressed. Vansh takes care of her and feeds her water. Ishq mein marjawa…plays…

Kabir asks what, Riddhima has seen you, are you mad, how did you get careless, she is mad, she doesn’t forget everything, she will try to find out everything, we can’t expose ourselves to make Vansh trust her more, she will try hard to reach you, we have to distract her. Riddhima gets ready. Vansh comes to help her. Ishq mein marjawa…plays…. She says I will wear it. He says doctor said there is still weakness, please rest, come. She asks what happened to you, why are you worrying for me, I know you wanted to hurt me, it would be good for you if I died, then why did you save me.

Vansh says I also have a question, when you knew I want to kill you, why didn’t you let me die, why did you take the bullet, I have seen for the first time that a prey saved a hunter, why did you do this. She sees a box kept there. She recalls Dadi’s gift. She gets Ragini and her parents pic. She reads the letter and says they are Ragini’s real parents, it means Vansh was telling the truth, Sate isn’t her dad. She reads… they have sent this pic for alliance, everyone liked Ragini, but she was a greedy girl, she cheated Vansh, if you trust your Dadi, then I will tell you, Vansh just loved you, sometimes misunderstandings ruin a relation. FB ends.

Riddhima thinks Vansh told the truth, its tough to understand you, I didn’t believe you, but I felt there is a second part of the story, how could I let you die without knowing it. He asks her to have medicines. He asks don’t you think of the answer or don’t want to say. She says person has evil and goodness too, it will be wrong to neglect goodness, I would have done the same thing for anyone. He says you are either an angel who saved me, or was it your plan to win my trust, right. He gets a call and goes. Someone looks at her.

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