Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th September 2020 Episode starts with Kabir calling his partner. He says Riddhima should think its Ishani. Vansh says thanks for saving my life, but don’t target my family. He goes. Riddhima says you are finding the person at the wrong place, you won’t believe me, I will bring proof for you, that yellow gloves person is from your family. Someone looks on. Vansh plays basketball. Anupriya comes and says good Vansh, strange, people lose temper, you get more alert in anger, I know you well, Riddhima reacted like that, but she was attacked, everyone doesn’t know to control oneself, what was she saying. He says some yellow gloves man. She says oh really, she blamed Ishani, I was also angry, but she is the same girl who got shot for your sake, sometimes even smart people make mistakes, think about it. Vansh says I will think about it. He thinks maybe she is right, I need to talk to Riddhima. Kabir calls again and gets angry. He says I want to know what’s happening there.

Riddhima ties the saree. She thinks of the yellow gloves man. She thinks that fear didn’t leave from my mind. Vansh comes. He sees her and turns away. He says I don’t knock and come to my room, I didn’t know you are… shall I help. She sees him. He closes eyes. She asks do you know this. He says Lord made some people taking much time, putting much talent. He wraps the saree around and tucks. Roshni se bhare bhare… He goes away from her. He thinks what’s happening to me, control. She says you have tied it well. He says I can do much which you don’t know, don’t stress about yellow gloves person, I know you doubt Ishani, believe me, I m not an enemy, I m on your side, I m trying my best to find him, come to me if you find anything. She says okay. He goes. The person gets Kabir’s call.

Ishani sees Riddhima having the soup. She recalls her words. She recalls adding so much of red chilli powder in the soup. She says it got so spicy that your throat will burn, new torture for you. She hides and looks on. Riddhima drinks the soup. She says how did it get so spicy, who locked the fridge. Ishani gets the key and smiles. She goes with the water bottle. Riddhima asks for water. Ishani says you blamed me, you won’t change, you want to spy and get secrets out, I m warning you, you will be punished. She goes. Riddhima says I know there are many secrets hidden, I will dig out and bring it out. Everyone prays. Riddhima gives aarti to everyone. Aryan and Ishani taunt Riddhima.

Vansh comes. Aryan and Ishani leave. Vansh takes aarti and goes. Riddhima thinks Vansh has changed a lot, its not a bad change. She prays make me reach that yellow gloves person some how, please, I want to know who tried to kill me and Vansh. Mrs. D. Souza sees the yellow gloves in storeroom. She runs away. Someone comes there. Riddhima asks what happened. Mrs. D’ souza says yellow gloves person is in storeroom. Riddhima says wait, I will see. Kabir comes there and argues with the yellow gloves person. He asks did you get someone, Riddhima can easily doubt that person. Riddhima thinks I can’t wait for Vansh. Kabir says you mean no, why did I keep you here, is it a joke, its done so that Vansh trusts Riddhima and she finds about Ragini. Riddhima says no, I should keep something with me. She takes a stick. Kabir says find someone to blame, Riddhima should easily doubt him. She opens the door. She sees him and says Kabir….

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